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1773 The Tea Act is passed by the British Parliament on Best places in Hawaii May 10. It grants the East India Company a monopoly on the tea trade. On June Best places in Hawaii 5, the Boston Committee resolves to form the Solemn League and Covenant, agreeing to cease all trade with Great Britain. Committees of Correspondence from Virginia and Massachusetts condemn the Tea Act on October 16. Patriots, dressed as Native Countrys, board British ships in Boston Harbor on December 16. They dump more than 300 crates of tea overboard in protest of the taxes on tea and the East India Tea Company’s monopoly on the trade. This event becomes known as the Boston Tea Party.

1774 On January 3, Governor William Tyson of New York enforces the boycott of tea, saying that tea will not land in New York except by point of the bayonet. One of the Coercive Acts, the Boston Port Bill, goes into effect on March 31. It orders the closure of Boston Harbor until reparations are made for the tea lost during the Boston Tea Party.

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