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Bavarian Beer and Food Evening Tour in Munich

I’m here on a Bavarian beer and food tour, and we’re gonna start by going to the museum. So here at the Oktoberfest Museum, the servers are all in traditional dress. And we’ve gotten three different kinds of beers. This is the weiss, and it has a little bit of a banana kinda taste to it. Definitely my favorite. Our guide just told us that this couple right here is responsible for Oktoberfest.

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It was actually a celebration of their wedding, originally, and it just continued as a tradition. It happens every single year. Good times, Six and a half million 6,500,000 people here. Last year they dropped about 7,000,000 liters of beer. Which is a good effort. We got a good perspective of the history, and then I gotta actually taste it, which is great, it was very 70 ounce total, and this is a really. I wouldn’t really survive this labor here. Right out into the beer garden area. It is packed, and it’s such a cool enviroment. Totally lively, fun and we’re gonna go enjoy some more beer.

This post’s tour was fabulous. We did two travel tours and we’re very happy and very pleased with them. And now we’re on to the main event, which is food, and more beer. We’re eating our traditional German food. And we have bratwurst. A bunch of different kinds of sausage. Tons of meat. Really good, I like this. If I lived here, I would have my own personal mug, and I would have my own lock so I could lock it up. And every time I come in, I just get my mug, and have some more beer. We had the best time on this tour. We learned a little bit about the history of the beer. And got to drink a lot of beer, make some new friends. It was a great tour.

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