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Having mark’d a puppy which he lik’d Chesapeake Map Tourist Attractions at Blezdels, There is also the ongoing legend that the hotel served as a speakeasy during the Prohibition era. We couldn’t find anything that would indicate the hotel violated prohibition laws. Yet it is very possible. After all, during Prohibition, Bay City was a hub of illegal nightclubs and dance halls.

A January 7, 1921, article in the Bay City Times Tribune reads: “The flagrant violation of the prohibition law in Bay City and Bay County is a crying disgrace and an unending source of criticism . It is commonly boasted that it is no trick at all to go into Bay City and if you have the price buy whisky.”

Another of the Arlington’s urban legends is the story of the bartender who either committed suicide or accidently fell from the third floor balcony to the main, first floor lobby. There is some truth to that story, though the person who died wasn’t a bartender and did not fall from the inside balcony.

Earlier we mentioned a man by the name of Emory Fritz. The day we investigated the Arlington all we knew about Emory is that he had a wife, children and jumped from a third floor window. With additional research, more of the story was revealed.

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