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Hello Hey today I am going to Chicago I actually just got back from Miami yesterday, and now I am leaving again for Chicago. So I got like one day in Richmond I am packing very light purchase got to the train station, and it’s actually. So pretty it’s really like fancy, and like marble floor I have gotten into Baltimore, I’m just kind of in the airport it’s absolutely empty. So, I’m gonna sleep in the airport. So is where, I’m gonna sleep in the middle other people are doing is 3 a.m. and gonna turn get a coffee, and getting through security which opens at 4:30 just goes through security that is actually where I slept last night. So I just landed in Chicago I had a great flight I don’t really know where I am or how to get to the city, I’m gonna try to find that think that might be it you.

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It is day two of being in Chicago, I’m walking around right now with my parents there as well we got coffee now we’re walking in a park toward this fountain dunking em fountain that my dad remembers. So we found Buckingham Fountain. But unfortunately it is not on.

So I guess, I’ll have to come back on my next trip to Chicago. Because it looks like it would be. So amazing when it’s on that you can take a picture we are sitting on the steps looking at Lake Michigan we might go to a Millennium Park. Because my parents have never seen it we might as well. Because we’ll go straight up to Millennium Park, and we’ll turn left to go to the transfer station it’s all on the same Road yeah my parents there’s so many people here I was telling them I think that the best views of the city skyline. So you can get still within the city on ground level is here in Millennium Park. Because you see the whole skyline even though you’re just in the city.

So pretty. So despite our best efforts to find food we failed. So we’re now heading back to the train station hurrying. But now we’re looking for directions let’s go there are so many people here. But I can find my dad. Because he’s tall, and stands out, and I can find my mom. Because she is wearing the brightest pink pinkish orange jacket, and like nobody here wears bright colors except her racing all over town trying to get our train right mom.

So we have to get another train. Because we missed the first one which means we’re on the next one now, and we’re gonna hopefully not be late for the dinner we’ve got contacts okay Wow would you really cut that off.

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