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Tens of millions of Americans have bicycles. People cycle for the exercise and because it’s an enjoyable way to get around. Although much riding is done close to home, adventuresome cyclists often head for parks and wild areas and camp out.

Conventional bikes require pavement or a dirt road or path which is in tolerably good shape. Some parks have special bike paths, and many have suitable paved or unpaved roads.

Those who take long-distance bike treks, which may be mainly outside of park boundaries, can still choose to head for a park or forest to camp at night. This could be either at a campground or alongside the road or trail, where permitted. Some knowledge of bike repair is highly recommended before you undertake such a trip, since you’ll be far from a bike shop most of the time. Be sure to bring and wear a helmet.

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1660 By 1660 there are 20,000 Quakers in Britain, and many are going out as missionaries. New Orleans Subway Map Almost universally despised because of their disavowal of traditional gender, racial, religious, and social hierarchies, Quakers are commonly beaten or put to death. Mary Dyer is hanged in Boston because she insists on practicing Quakerism. One of the few supporters of Anne Hutchinson, she had followed Hutchinson into exile and eventually traveled to England where she became a Quaker. Attracted to the Quakers’ radical views on gender roles, Dyer converts and then returns to Country to participate in the Lamb’s War against Puritan civil and religious authority in Massachusetts. Knowing they will almost certainly be killed, such Quakers as Dyer persist in practicing Quakerism in Massachusetts, repeatedly returning after being deported, until the Puritan leadership feels compelled to execute them to prevent their ideas from spreading. Dyer’s execution and that of others will eventually contribute to Parliament’s decision to revoke the charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1684. 1662 Virginia law clarifies the issue of what racial identity should be assigned to children born from the union of English men and black women by declaring the child to be of the same race as its mother.

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