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Since the day was growing hotter I retreated to the fleece China map coloring page and wool market for a cup of cold tea, and didn’t realise until too late that China map coloring page the tea was made from water in the market ditch, but hoped my stomach wouldn’t suffer the consequences. Traders were haggling over piles of semi-cured fleeces and sacks of wool shearings, some of it cashmere. It’s said that an experienced wool trader can tell in what terrain the sheep and goats have been grazing by the feel of the wool. Woollen rugs and traditional Kashgar carpets were on display in other areas, and bright cloths being examined by the brown-veiled women.

Men’s hat-makers were offering fur-lined hats trimmed with leopard, bear and wolf. And there were boot-makers, leather-workers, tack-makers, people selling wooden pitchforks made from peeled branches; and rope-makers, knife-traders, vendors of photos of oriental pop stars, and boys with baskets going around collecting donkey dung to dry for fuel.

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