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JilinHe had trained as a doctor until the Party sent him to City Map Tourist Attractions foreign language school. Nor did he begrudge the compulsory five years he spent as a peasant City Map Tourist Attractions farmer, though his background as a city boy in Beijing must City Map Tourist Attractions have made life difficult. Now seconded to Dodwell International, married with one child, a City Map Tourist Attractions son, he is in many ways a model Chinese man of today.

I asked him how many children his friends’ families have and he replied that most couples are succeeding in only having one child, unless the baby is a girl, in which case, they may accept the penalties of having a second child. As I understood it, there is no actual law about having only one child, but a system of incentives which give the one-child parents a better salary, better housing, greater health care, and preferential treatment for school and job applications.

It would be quite persuasive, though I felt sorry for all those only sons when they grow up and find not enough young women to marry.

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