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Social experiments founded on religious dissent, such as the Massachusetts Bay Colony, allowed women to express their own dissent, even in the face of silencing from patriarchal forces. Phoenix/Mesa Map Tourist Attractions Arguably, the participation of Anne Hutchinson and other women in the Antinomian Controversy was enabled by their experience of Puritan challenges to social and political control of religion in England.

The violence of the frontier and other elements of colonial life led to more dramatic expressions of religious belief, such as the captivity narrative of Mary Rowlandson and the testimony of women and girls during the witchcraft trials of the late seventeenth century.

Various popular spiritual movements of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries put feminine enthusiasm in the foreground, attracting numerous women. Restrictions Women were largely excluded from formal education throughout the colonial period. John Winthrop famously observed of the studious and ailing wife of the governor of Hartford, if she had attended her household affairs, and such things as belong to women, and not gone out of her way and calling to meddle in such things as are proper for men, whose minds are stronger, etc., she had kept her wits, and might have improved them usefully and honorably in the place God had set her.

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