Been sitting here waiting for about two hours all Stephen edits his day, and makes two grand photos excuse me you take. So long Hey everyone we both stay awake yeah kind of like 2:00 in the morning we couldn’t sleep. But not weird yesterday we set up a little laptop with the Netflix in the corner the TV 2 a.m. and now it’s daytime now it is um lunchtime we just had breakfast, and we’re gonna go today, and do more with that um see pass we got yeah we’re gonna do more with that city pass we got.


So we’re gonna go to the aquarium we’re gonna go to I think it’s like a special garden gonna go back, and just go closer to the Seattle Space Needle, and we’re not gonna go in. Because there’s a lot of the activities around there yeah we’re going to go do activities excited Stevie what’s up Chihuly kaboom Chihuly garden all right not say that you’re holding booty garden oh that’s better that’s bag our umbrella riveting. So cool it’s huge more made of glass they’re really cool applause yeah class this would be a nice fruit bowl I’ve seen Italy these would be nice fruit bowls hello hello hey I got the door oh you got the door. So we have like 10 copies of monopoly at home yes. So cool I think I’d like Jenga. But it sounds cool oh that’s so cool oh yeah maybe they’ve mix it up a bit oh they’re cool we’ve got some games yeah yeah that is how it’s done like they’re having way more fun than me Steve why did we go to the forest story section can’t really see you though I like a fairy tale section this place is really cool the MP sent us saw her cool doesn’t make my plate is awesome anyway as, I’ll find you got any interests of music or even just seemed like cool museums recommend the EMP museum so much to see like. So interactive as well.

But now we’re actually gonna go to the very first Star Wars no yeah the real one the real white line get out coffee, and then we’re going to the aquarium Bert Starbucks didn’t happen aquarium didn’t happen we looked at the time, and I feel like we be hungry. So we just like strolled hard now we’re just gonna cook something it’s like 20 possible I haven’t eaten since this morning looks like we’re about to fall asleep we didn’t realized the time okay it’s like almost five o’clock the aquarium probably would have been closed by the time we even walked there anyway, I’m so exhausted I don’t know why. So now we’ve got a TV, and we got some nacho chip B’s oh, I’m gonna have a little relax, and then I think I might make some brownies what do you think about that yeah mmm okay well it’ll make some brownies as well I bought some brownie mix the other day. But then when I went to make it just then I realized that we didn’t have any he’ll have hands to make it in, and then I was having a little look at it said you could make it in the microwave, I’m gonna try, and do that sorry. So we’ve got brownie mix, and it says you need to add yogurt. But we don’t have very good. So, I’m milk.

So, I’m gonna add milk let’s see how this works sorry you get two tablespoons of the brownie mix into a mug too, and then that’s gonna I don’t know they said a tablespoon of very good a little bit of milk, and then, I’m going to stir it up alrighty. So I guess now it looks like a better then we’re gonna put it in the microwave it’s gonna focus for a minute the lazy man brownie I’ve made one just before is like a little tester to make sure that nothing blew up in the microwave I made one for Steven have you tried it yet let’s try it, and let me know what you think well that’s exactly what I did for this one it might be a bit hot. But oh yeah, I’ll show it to when it’s done all right let me maybe shine some light oh my god look sorry weird. But in real life it actually looks like just a brownie bit in a mug see it’s like a doughy brownie it’s meant to be a fat-free. So I don’t know if it’s gonna taste nice is it no say what’s the taste side cuz I just showed them what to get. But it’s not good it doesn’t just doesn’t have a hell strong taste cuz it’s fat-free we shouldn’t have got the fat-free look can you see show them put it up to the get a piece, and put it up onto the lines done like see how it’s actually weight actually wanted to focus weight it’s not gonna focus. But it’s an actual it’s like a cake does it taste like a like a moist cake it tastes it tastes like a moist cuz I said it was meant to be moist, and it’s best to eat hot let’s see it’s like a okay is this really focused on your face try it again.

So tell us. So it’s no that’s sweet or. So that chocolaty it’s like not much flavor ah. So you could do this. But maybe use the not like – maybe add like a tablespoon in oh if we had that that would have been. So good. So you think or maybe if we add a bit of sugar no no it’s it’s like you need the chocolate all you need they’re like what stars would we give this packet at box oh you have heard in here first we thought we’ve got to end the post early tonight.

Because we have to be up early tomorrow got to get up what wait when. So we have to get up like seven no makes it be really when we went to Kerry Park, I’m more looking at the big views, and I showed you guys that there was a mountain called Mount Rainer we’re going to that mountain tomorrow. So I think we’re leaving at 7:00. So probably have to get up like 5 or something thanks for reading guys bye guys love you Oh.

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