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In what is now the South Park neighborhood, North Carolina governor Cameron Morrison purchased a 3,000-acre tract of land and commissioned the construction of a mansion to sit in the center of the site. The 14,000-square-foot Tudor Revival home and outbuildings were designed by New York architect Harrie Thomas Lindeberg and completed in 1927. Morrison took up residence with his second wife, Sara Eckerd Watts Morrison, and the couple established a farm to serve as a model of advanced agricultural techniques, raising chickens, hogs, and cattle as well as fields of grains, vegetables, and fruits in the hopes that farmers across the state would follow their lead. Though he was often referred to as the Esquire of Morrocroft, Morrison continued to pursue his passion for political life outside the farm. A lifelong Democrat, Morrison was appointed to the United State Senate in 1930 but was unable to get reelected in 1932 after his opponent, Robert R. Reynolds, used Morrison’s wealth against him, asserting that he was out of touch with the needs of his constituents. He was voted into the House of Representatives in 1942 and led the North Carolina delegation to the National Convention of the Democratic Party in 1952. Morrison is best remembered as The Good Roads Governor for his success in securing funds for a massive road construction program. Morrison died in 1953 and the home remained in the Morrison family until 1981. Over time pieces of the farm were sold, until the estate sat on its current 16.5-acre site. It’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places and continues to be used as a private residence.

On Tuesday, the 4th, the fleet left the place Curitiba Map Tourist Attractions of which I have been speaking and we took a northerly course, keeping all the time close Curitiba Map Tourist Attractions to the coast. On Wednesday, the 5th, two hours before sunset, we saw four French ships at the mouth of a river. When we were two leagues from them, the first galley joined the rest of the fleet, which was composed of four other vessels. The general concerted a plan with the captains and pilots, and ordered the flagship, the San Pelayo, and a chaloupe to attack the French flagship, the Trinity, while the first galley and another chaloupe would attack the French galley, both of which vessels were very large and powerful. All the ships of our fleet put themselves in good position; the troops were in the best of spirits, and full of confidence in the great talents of the captain-general. They followed the galley; but, as our general is a very clever and artful officer, he did not fire, nor seek to make any attack on the enemy. He went straight to the French galley, and cast anchor about eight paces from her. The other vessels went to the windward, and very near the enemy. During the maneuvers, which lasted until about two hours after sunset, not a word was said on either side. Never in my life have I known such stillness. Our general inquired of the French galley, which was the vessel nearest his. Whence does this fleet come?

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