Oh Hey Australia alrighty we’re jumping straight into it today we’re going to be shadowing one of the keepers here is going to go around show us some of the different strolling animals we’re gonna feed them how clean up the enclosures this should be a Hey let’s do it like a clown car who’s the hill oh this are happy now at the sign up to these guys only 3 weeks old at night they have to be kept away in with a heat lamp.


Because it gets a cold front, and then in the morning let’s come back out the Sun this. So happy now they got this squad they’ve got this squad down packed someone’s in labor at the moment, and you’re very noisy never been this close to a koala before my name is Kim Bala goodness ha ha oh wow he’s definitely awake now hello I could no this is incredible come on, and scratch them back to sleep cut the Echidna mix of like meat, and eggs, and just smells beautiful the one very spiky Gators oh wow hey buddy oh. So cute like if you do it wrong you’re gonna be hey sorry Steve um we’ve got the ambulance cover like that yeah yeah okay pick up okay look at you guys David he’s a dingo guys oh my gosh they look. So cute. But they know it’s feeding time. So did you say we’re going in there do they share no you do not you just don’t get close to them if they do not, and come to you first hahaha. So smooth like it she’s got a really good coat on her sleeping.

So inside here is a Bilby oh there’s a bill be in there I remember them now I’ve seen them oh they’re nocturnal. So she’s sleeping Oh buddy it’s like 11 o’clock time to get up come on I see the baby she’s drinking some milk the cutest little wallaby ever you don’t know bad it’s like getting a little bit too big for her an easily bedroom upgrade, and you get Oh mom is just not stopped facing her all righty guys that work is done lunch is ready, and I worked up quite an appetite oh my gosh done this. So fast it looks like a baby oh god hungry it’s not even on the floor I don’t know why it looks. So she in there. But looks like there’s a nappy on it. So far the other ones come over to check it out this guy in the second enclosure who is the male has a broken leg unfortunately. Because he was hit by a car just reading him hop along is so sad I know, and then this one thinks we’re about to feed him. So she’s come down body, I’m one can smell the eucalyptus coming in babies come to check ahead as well my run like. So we’ve bought brought some dessert for the possum. So you put some of the dessert already all laugh hey guys um excuse me okay leave for one just. Because you have a cute baby oh my goodness it’s so small tiny done – hey guys thank you hey Kai you deserve that oh he’s gonna bite you tasting healed man I don’t think, I’m that tasty alrighty night-night guys alrighty guys that is the end of our first day here at the Australian Wildlife Center and, I’ll leave a comment below which was your favourite animals who can spend some more time with them tomorrow if you’re new around here hit comment, and if you enjoyed the post hit like we’re just going to spend the rest of the day reading these guys having their feed good night guys see you tomorrow.

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