Dapy US Map & Phone & Address

Dapy US Map & Phone & Address

Prudential Center, 800 Boylston St, Boston; (617) 236-0482

From Paris to New York’s Soho and now Boston, this delightful boutique has made it possible for full-grown adults to play with the silliest of toys (why, complete strangers may even find themselves talking to each other!). Dapy specializes in the latest in wacky gadgetry sort of a high-tech joke shop.

A seemingly harmless hand mirror, for example, starts laughing hysterically when you pick it up and look at your reflection. At $10, it’s a Gateway Crafts Beautiful and often humorous crafts, made by developmentally disabled artisans.

Gourmet Pottery Gorgeous creations, made on the spot. That’s factory-direct!

Scribble It Have your kids’ names painted right on these bright and colorful toys, at no extra charge unique gift or something to leave around the bathroom for unsuspecting guests. For the same price, you can get a brightly colored ball that manically rolls and lurches around all by itself.

More sedate, but equally offbeat items include salt and pepper shakers in the shape of the Tower of Pisa (they lean, but don’t fall over; $12). Just $3.99 buys a birthday cake candle that plays Happy Birthday when you light it or a set of glow-in-the-dark stars that stick to your bedroom ceiling. More expensive are the lava lamps, diner style wall clocks, fish-shaped mailboxes, and other exotic goodies. Don’t forget to check the clearance area at the back, where items are reduced by 25%.

And Dapy has those little tin cans that moo when you turn them upside down; technology is fine, but some things will never go away. Open seven days and evenings a week, during regular mall hours.

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