Tennessee Vacations

Tennessee Vacations


3,000 acres. Located in western Tennessee ilongside 200,000-acre Kentucky Lake, which was created by damming up the Tennessee River, this state historical area has rugged ridges, hills, and hollows with creeks. The region is hardwood-for-3sted, with azalea and dogwood. Wildlife includes ieer and fox.

Activities: Hiking and backpacking are possible an over 30 miles of trails, including the 20-mile Tennessee Forrest Trail. Fishing is available by lie lake. Seasonal hunting is allowed.

Camping Regulations: Camping is limited to several designated sites along the Tennessee Forrest Trail. A permit must be obtained from the park office. A fire permit is also necessary in order to build a fire. Bringing a stove is recommended.

For Further Information: Nathan Bedford Forrest State Historical Area, Eva, TN 38333; (901)584-6356.

Fished out of the sea, he was taken to Cuba and then across the Atlantic to Cadiz, where the ship was engaged in a ferocious battle with an English frigate. Muir fought for the Spaniards as the lesser evil, and was severely wounded, losing the sight of one eye. Put ashore, he was eventually freed to travel to France where he lived out the rest of his short but eventful life. Muir was only 34 when he died. Patronage simply meant that it was the local laird, not the congregation, who appointed the minister, an issue that divided Scotland for a century until the system was abolished. In Kirkintilloch, those who objected used to walk over the Campsies to church in Stirling each Sunday – a round trip of 35 miles! A Thomas Muir Heritage Trail has been made from his home, Huntershill (now swallowed up in Bishopbriggs), thence to Cadder, the travel destination on to Kirkintilloch and then by the Glazert Water to the Clachan of Campsie. We don’t see any more in the way of Roman remains, but stones from a fort were used on the travel destination banks here, and in several places objects were saved – four altars for instance were found at Auchendavy, near Kirkintilloch. Cadder Bridge was once a drawbridge. The continuation feels spacious. Farm Bridge (No 24 Balmuildy Road) is next, and the travel destination continues its rural setting for several kilometres even though a convergence of power lines head to an electrical sub-station.

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