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What’s the point in having a destination wedding if you don’t celebrate what the destination has to off her? asks Lisa Light, founder of planning firm Destination Bride, established in 1993. Here are her tips for throwing an unforgettable event fueled by area entertainers.

SHOP LOCAL In the Caribbean, we hire reggae and Junkanoo acts. In Argentina, tango dance teachers. We book mariachis in Mexico, merengue musicians in Latin America and hula dancers in Hawaii

THINK OUTSIDE THE MUSIC BOX In Vegas, we hire magicians, contortionists and jugglers. Other options include a fi re pit with s’mores, hayrides, a tattoo artist, an ice bar with a luge In Bali, we created a bazaar with fortune-telling and henna. For my Hudson Valley weddings in New York, we have a fun, old-fashioned circus act.

ENLIST THE PROS Go the extra mile to fi nd a planner who can introduce you to a professional local agent who can book interesting acts. If possible, meet with the agent in person during a planning trip. If that’s not doable, be sure to get music clips, video clips and references.

TIME IT RIGHT Generally, we hire local, cultural music for the welcome party and the wedding cocktail hour. For the reception, it’s important to play music your group will be comfortable dancing to. BUDGET FOR IT If you hire local, you don’t have to pay for travel and lodging. Though it can be less, typically it costs $150 to $250 and up an hour per musician.

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