We’re off to Disneyland as you can see we dressed up as Nene I’ve got some great yes in front of the Eiffel Tower I love oh there’s a kangaroo just there yes the embassy if you just take an hour to get to Disneyland by train and, I’m just gonna spend the entire day there excited to see that yeah we are done with help us to help stretch there was nine days ended last night. So we saw some beautiful places which was good, and I was a little day in Paris, and we’re gonna just spend it at Disneyland.


Because we’ve seen all of the power hello will we box Disneyland I won’t we’ve just come into New Zealand, and it’s all just like Halloween even says happy Halloween when we just walked in it’s really cool cuz mr. Ali we don’t really celebrate Halloween that much it’s not that big this is really cool being able to like celebrate it especially in Disneyland is it. So cool pumpkins just up like the Disney Mickey’s this is so cool they’re so cute how close is Jamie on Halloween we actually get to celebrate Halloween this year how is this, and in the fall, and in those awesome cuz also this time in Australia it’s going to get hot you would really have pumpkins out, and stuff like that, and it doesn’t feel like autumn that’s so cool it’s hasta LaVista steel, and it’s nicer than the other two e-beam – it’s very pretty it’s like glistening, and flashing I like a pink it’s so cute it’s really cool how they do the different sorry this right in front of us different castles that makes it unique players choice some Lisa scary face it kind of looks like a lemon just like Arabian the making us start off with a roller coaster we’re going on the frontier I think it is the role of the mouth why do we have to stop to come back again our fast passes okay you have to come back between 4:00, and 4:30 which is fine. Because it’s a 45-minute wait anyway. So on another road yeah we are in Paris Disneyland’s of course our snack is chocolate croissant, and I just wants to go to the lesser scary right. So we’re gonna make our way to Fantasyland now, and we’re gonna go on this like little of no Sina before the 50 lakhs it’s like all the scenes, I’m telling the story of the movie yeah Oh spoiler oh yeah we haven’t seen jasmine yeah I wanna watch the movie how’s interesting.

Because it was all in French like wand I’ve never seen a Disney movie in French, and to like okay. So it’s definitely French different all right we might be able to squeeze one more idea nor do you want to go to you though on the right here, and then we’re gonna go to the roller coaster we’ve lost a Jess he doesn’t want to do the roller coaster yeah it’s too scared I think she still still doesn’t do the whole roleplay something jumped in the past pass, and hoping the lines not too long. So you know that I was with you oh is that clear I didn’t expect it to go upside down, and it just took me for right now, I’m hearing that it went upside down. So glad I think no you guys know that’s the scary ride for the day oh you guys oh yeah, and the other part as let me see it fast bosses it out of my way okay it was still pretty slow with the fast part it’s a busy day yeah thing is you guys one on one nose at my tux cheese why didn’t you choose the Pinocchio right yeah, and then you chose out okay your turn to pick one what do you want let the feeling of realizing my next choice was Alice’s curious labyrinth, and it is an Alice in Wonderland maze great assist take a little of hi alright guys which way we have to go to get out the maze. Because this Halloween events on tonight they stone the parade early. So we’re quickly trying to find a spot smoothly, and get a good spot to watch my favorite part of the day dizzy Lannister right yes letting, I’m with Jess the parade is the best part of Disneyland it’s always good she’s gone. But we’re excited.

Because we come here, and we’re gonna skip Space Mountain. Because we’ve been on Space Mountain. But we just had a look at it, and there’s some parts there outside, and the one that we’ve been in it’s inside then I saw the name of it’s called Space Mountain mission two. So it’s a ride excited yeah yeah that usually is the scariest ride at Disney nine. But now we’re excited cuz it’s like hopefully different ride there’s like goes outside, and number two the ride is line four wrong. So my headache from an Indiana Jones ride has turned into a migraine now that was so good though that’s so much better than the first place oh there’s mine definitely worth it to give you that ride, I’m glad we did it.

But oh my goodness the ride to be your eyes of this Disneyland just knock you around so much will they find Jess I think we were actually in the line for half an hour not five minutes. So we’ll go find out all righty guys next up is Star Wars land we’re going into the Star Wars ride seeing as towels it’s coming out soon also we have to go on it feels too scared to go on the roller sitting right on this one I don’t think it’s too scary ready here we go oh we went in, and the Sun was up we came out of the sun’s down. So we are now heading to get a good spot. Because the fireworks didn’t start about 20 minutes it’s gonna try to get a spot in front of the Magic Kingdom, and it’s actually a really good night for fireworks. Because there’s no clouds yeah it should be good, and then once we finish up with that we’re gonna go to the second part. Because there’s two disneyland parks, and we’re gonna pass where you go to both of them, and there’s definitely a lot of rides there that we’ve never done before. So we’re pretty excited go to that Park as well a cherry little salty either good there.

So this one isn’t dressed up like Halloween it’s kind of cool. Because this one’s all set up like movie studios like the rides are in different Lots like lot three was good. Because the park is empty. So hope that there’s no waiting time on the lines we’re going to a ride called itches poster no no crashes coasters post from no Nemo from Nemo, and just might sit that one out. Because it spins this park is so much empty than. Because of Halloween I think this really trick-or-treat thing now that’s to leave you’re just special tickets for it now. So we’ve come to the other colleges, and the night here instead I’ve been on the let’s go see how long the lines are okay Norrin Radd at wheel, and which i think is only here in Paris.

Because it is like the French Disney movie he’s really cool they had like the guest star Gaston restaurant over this side up here’s the restaurant just like the movie, and then the riders yeah you can see it says harasser to e. But all that looks like a popular ride, and then let’s see the time. But yep an hour late. So we just jumped into the single riders lane which is what we did hopefully it’s great guys 15 minutes. But I lined up with them to see the support after all not. Because it’s heated inside here in a city called outside I think, I’m going to run away yes the whereabouts girl on the ready to ride Wow we’re was really good I love that rider we came on earth you like the rats, and like they put you into scenes with giant 3d screens, and they made everyone big see it’s like look around the seagull it was really good yeah, and you had to like run. Because God coming you know in the movie once or twice, and kills the rat, and you like run around yeah let’s see if there’s a ride that’s not to lose the ride is now to our way in ours that are now that way but.

So you can get the best scream come on stay enrolled away those are never wrong alright they can go on the reddit we ran dry and, I’m glad to get there is a nice time let’s to quickly run back to the line feels like older eyes are closing this is like 60 minutes, and up. So we’re gonna go on this ride I really like it yay do you like it we’re just gonna go catch the bus card to the train home, and the block here guys in French Disneyland, I’m tomorrow we are catching the bus at 6:30 in the morning to England to see his family for a bit spendy about nine days there it’s going to be chilling looking around England hopefully see some new site yeah eating plans you recommend we throw a baby there like a day trip or something confirming them that’s nice it’ll be cool thanks for reading guys.

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