Dolomites Italy – Mountain Biking Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Hey young Mountaineers it is day six here on the mountain we’re just leaving full Dada, and it is a little bit misty this morning. But we’re off into the mountains regardless it’s not as rainy as it once was not as sunny as it once was.

But everyone still intact spirits are high got a little bit of sleepy eyes thanks for the graph a party last night. But everybody is in one piece onwards, and upwards today we’re going nine miles next stop Cortina let’s go after battling snow, and rain today we’re happy to make our last big hike with semi clear skies down into the green foothills of the dolomite beautiful day six lots of rivers through the woods very easy low-key day a little bit of fog over the top of the mountains.

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But otherwise the beautiful little walk through the woods it’s a peaceful, and refreshing walk from about 2000 meters up back through the dense forest, and past the grazing cattle to civilization the most beautiful village of Cortina our home base for the next few days this is the place I picture when I think of the Italian Dolomites, and if it couldn’t get any better here for dinner our hotel serves up some of my favorite dishes from the trip venison carpaccio butternut squash soup popper Adela with wild boar, and a homemade tiramisu that I still think about Hey it is day seven here on the track we’ve been one week in the mountains we are finally back in town a beautiful town at that we’re heading down to get some mountain bikes today cruise through the mountains via a little faster a bit of transportation versus our own two feet.

So that’s it today’s adventure begins now we’re too much power here we are on this beautiful beautiful lake nine miles in we have lunch right on lago de da bianca, and it’s grilled meats, and veggies the star, and classic apple strudel to finish, and after a slow cruise back to Cortina, and a quiet night in we gear up for one final view I love it Hey it is day seven or eight or something like that today’s the first day that I actually have a proper jacket on thanks to Mike give me as extra one today’s our last official day of hiking we’re heading up to the money shot or today Chima, and that’s it we’re gonna go hike off the weather’s not great the fog has set in. But it’s not raining too hard just yet, and we’re heading up that way today Jimmy. But let’s go tonight he’s not an easy hike today through the rain we’re almost there gotta get over that Ridge I just came over over the side of that Ridge this is difficult. But refugio is in the near future only a few thousand steps to go uphill made made to refugio, I’m sweating truth is the weather on this trip hasn’t been perfect.

But the food, and warmth. But everyone in the mountains of fujio’s has far made up for any runny noses or wet clothes eight days in the Italian Dolomites, and I have barely seen a fraction of this region’s beauty I will most definitely be back to explore much more if for no other reason than the delicious cuisine I got to show you this on our way up our hog this morning here’s a farm just cows rights are there put up here you have a vending machine full of fresh cheese’s from the farm this lakes over here.

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