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WHERE? Nestled at the foot of the Sneeuberge, Nieu-Bethesda is just 50km from Graaff-Reinet.

WHY GO? Founded in 1875, this small town in the heart of the Groot Karoo is definitely an old-world hideaway, and the surrounding semi-desert area gives the impression of a place where time stands still. It’s where South African playwright Athol Fugard has made his home, and where he has gained inspiration for several of his renowned plays, including The Road to Mecca and Valley Song. Stroll through the town’s dusty streets, where people greet you from their stoeps while sipping their tea, as they’ve done for many years. On your trip, a must-see is the late Helen Martins’ famed Owl House, which Fugard has also used as inspiration for his works. Marvel at Helen’s breathtaking ground-glass and concrete sculptures that each tell a story. The talented artist transformed her home with her unique creations, and it has become the town’s most famous heritage site. Helen’s multicoloured home, with its fantasy garden made from her array of art, is now run as a museum, open daily, with an entry fee of R50pp. After visiting the landmark, pop in at The Karoo Lamb restaurant just opposite, and enjoy a breakfast of fresh homemade bread and cheese, or indulge in the local lamb or venison for lunch.

STAY Ganora Guestfarm, 7km outside Nieu-Bethesda, offers 10 rooms and one cottage – in this three-star spot, the original farmstead and outbuildings have been converted into guest quarters. COST We recommend staying in one of the four Old Kraal rooms, from R425ppspn for two in the Double Room No.1, including breakfast. This room has been refurbished with a queen-size bed and unique round shower, but still offers the old-world feel of a structure made from stone and packed mud. Valid until 30 September 2016; see ganora.co.za

Rhode Island In the late sixteenth century, Rhode Island was home to five Native Country tribes: the Narragansett, the Wampanoag, the Niantic, the Pequot, and the Nipmuc. Of these tribes, only the Narragansett had lands solely within the modern borders of Rhode Island, stretching along the edges of Narragansett Bay. El Paso Subway Map The Wampanoag lived in Massachusetts and eastern Rhode Island, the Niantic and Pequot tribes in Connecticut and southwestern Rhode Island, and the Nipmuc in Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island. All of these tribes were members of a larger Algonquin confederation and spoke languages similar to the other Algonquin tribes. Prior to European contact, the total Native Country population in Rhode Island was approximately 10,000 people. Following exposure to European diseases in 1616 and 1617, the total Native Country population fell to approximately 4,000.

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