Hey Northern Territory. So today’s the day of the Barranca festival which is the reason why we are here in the Northern Territory now the bruegger festival is run by the blender people, and there’s a lot of little cultural activities that are going on are we gonna go, and check out today sorry Claire I found Meredith from brave all right guys Cesana morning we’ve come to a little art establishment just here which was set up by David bloom nasty now he was known for going on an Australian world tour, and really showing, and playing the didgeridoo for Europeans Americans who had never seen or heard about it to show it like Australian culture around the world they’ve set up a little art picture here in the community, and we’re gonna go check it out, and see some local indigenous art work.


So interesting this is the didgeridoo that was played at the opening of the Sydney Opera House in 1973 we actually come right up, and close to the pictures you can see how straight these lines are it’s a really incredible craftsmanship yeah they have this augmented reality built into the iPad that you can go, and place it onto one of the paintings, and always share the story behind the painting I’ve never seen something like this before, I’m blown away, and did not expect a three here, I’m still on the front that’s that’s that’s that’s there literally that’s everywhere alrighty guys we’ve just arrived at the barong the festival very excited we found out that there’s like a cultural section play we want to heat up fur. Because we get to learn how to cook damper how to do wheezing how to do Aboriginal dancing very very excited for the day and, I’m just really scared of all these sounds of the bats that are around, and I feel like they’re gonna eat me, I’m gonna turn into a vampire. So, I’ll see, I’ll see if I last the day I think the best thing about festivals is the food trucks, and there’s a few food food trucks here.

So we’re gonna go find ourselves some lunch give ourselves, and rub. Because it is like midday the Sun is so hot, and we are super duper hungry nothing like a pineapple or lime, and Apple have I got the right one yeah to start off the melon lime, and Apple and, I’m pretty sure it’s like 36 degrees. So it’s juice wetter, and what are you thinking of eating guys we have found out box someone has stolen our idea kind of cool they are making tit readers at the moment look at the little kids doing it just outside of the festival there’s a little bit of a a little bit of a lake, and we’re gonna go for a bit Oh two Billabong jess is saying, and we’re gonna go for a bit of a dip to cool down ah sing songs sit by the Billabong, I’m from Julian Jerome we don’t fight it well you have pedestal table good, I’m currently reading a didgeridoo competition since the afternoon now, and most of the festivities are beginning we’ve had an opening ceremony some traditional dinner a new plane as well some traditional dancing this is really when the fest all righty looks like all the festivities are now over for the night everyone sonic cooker for some Tucker for themselves which means that we need to go get together for ourselves there’s been a really interesting day today I definitely enjoyed the end part with all the traditional dancing it was incredible to seem fair the backs of sending us hard look at above your head there are sorry of many those of that guy’s not the kitchen is in full swing got a awesome lookin salad got some veggie patties that’s smelling good. But some heat lots of mushrooms Milwaukee we’ve just come outside to do some nighttime photography with our new friend Kyle did you see any good photos of us that’s like nighttime ish it’s all thanks to the sky with the light, and also I figured out that I can try, and do nighttime star lapse photography time-lapse. But I did it for like 15 photos. So, I’ll show you this really quick segment, and I would love to have done it for longer.

But then we just don’t have the time just like 11 o’clock at night, and I’d love to leave it for like 2-3 hours, and to get a lot of movement. But for our first try us quite impressed I was quite happy. So, I’m definitely gonna want to play around with that feature so much for this awesome thanks to Carl for teaching me some of the moves, I’m still trying to improve my photography. But yes thanks so much for reading guys, and we’ll see you right here, and all the territory tomorrow night guys.

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