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Hello So today I am going to Charlottesville it’s a little outside Richmond I love Charlottesville it’s actually one of my favorite places definitely my favorite place in Virginia I used to live there, and it’s pretty much a town of lots of coffee, and lots of bookstores which is amazing he’s got in to Charlottesville and, I’m walking looking for my Airbnb I have to explore. So normally the rotunda is my favorite building in Charles Ville, and it’s so beautiful.

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But unfortunately right now it is under construction you can’t. So, I’m a little disappointed. Because um uh it’s obviously not the best time to come to shards Hill um normally all of these gardens were used to walk, and read I was just. So beautiful, and green, and all these flowers. But um right now it’s winter, and then the Pretender being under construction is a little disappointing.

But explore you now I am walking down to the Downtown Mall it’s a walking mall no cars are allowed on it a lot of bookstores, and coffee store coffee shops hello I just got out of the concert it was amazing, and so much fun, and starving it’s pretty late I don’t know if, I’ll be able to get it, I’ll be looking for I am walking back over to my Airbnb right now, I’m getting ready to leave this trip wasn’t exactly as I expected there actually hurt my leg while I was walking around yesterday um Charlottesville is has a lot of hills more than, I’m used to, and I don’t know I guess just walking around all day I pulled a muscle in my leg or something still had such a fun time, and it’s so good to be back in Charlottesville I had planned to to go into a bunch of different little coffee shops. Because there are so many amazing coffee shops in Charlottesville, and kind of review all of them.

But that didn’t happen. Because I only went to want in the mud house on the Downtown Mall. So I guess that means it’s my favorite for sure.

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