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And welcome back to my how to travel guide my step-by-step guide to planning your old trips. And travels. So in today’s episode.

I’m talking about accommodations where we’re going to live. And sleep when we’re on the road hotels now hotels will generally be the most expensive type of accommodation, but they’re also really nice. And private.

And safe. And clean. And they’ve got a lot of other amenities that come along with them.

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So if you’re looking for something Hotel Ethen go for a hotel also did, you know that when, you are booking hotel rooms um generally last minute, you can ask for discounts on the room yeah the prices that are listed on their website are never really the final price because at the end of the day most hotels would rather fill that room with a person for the night or anybody for the night than to leave it empty they make more money by selling that room even if they sell it at a discount ask if you have any discounts ask if they can offer any better prices for, you when you’re booking hostels yeah the hostels for those who don’t know are kind of like a mix between hotels dorm rooms. And B&Bs kind of all put together they vary a lot there is a lot of variety. And different styles.

And types hostels that, you can stay at. So in these dormitory style hostels, you will have several beds in one room on this anywhere between four to ten to fourteen sixteen beds. I don’t think it gets really any higher than that in one room are these could be bunk beds or they can just be normal twin size beds generally every person will get their own storage locker or place to kind of secure.

And store their valuables, but yes your sleeper in a dorm well yeah, but hostels also offer private rooms like, you would find in a hotel or a B&B now this goes in general for any other potential hostel travelers that there are party hostels. And there are quiet hostels make sure, you know which one you’re looking for because there’s nothing worse than wanting a nice quiet peaceful night in the country or city that you’re visiting and, you end up with a very loud very party centered hostel. So another great option for those people looking to do long term travel is to look at rental apartments or short term leases that, you can get on places.

So instead of staying at a hotel or hostel for aunt Raffy, you need to generally do this for a couple weeks if you’re staying for a couple weeks in one place then it kind of makes it worthwhile, but but staying at a rental apartment is a great way to have kind of that home away from home feeling because, you are generally in a fully furnished decorated homey feeling house. And you’ll have a room or you’ll have the whole house to yourself. So, this is in the same ish category as the short-term or apartment rentals is staying at the Emmys.

So again typically these are more smaller quieter accommodations and, you have a room. And you’ll be with someone who lives there generally their house. And then they provide, you with breakfast another free breakfast.

And with me. And Bea’s, you have the option of doing short term or longer term depending on what you’re looking for. So couchsurfing is this movement that has come along on which strangers open up their houses or couches or beds or floors to other travelers for free that’s right, you really get to meet when you’re meeting in your you’re sleeping at someone else’s couch.

So you’re having a host, you instantly have someone that’s local from that country that can show, you around now there’s a lot of questions about is couchsurfing safe because, you are staying with a stranger. And that’s where the beauty of couchsurfing org comes in because they have a verification process they have reviews. So travelers who have stayed with these hosts can review them.

And rate them and, you can see photos, you could read up on the place that you’re going to there is a lot of information out there. And, it’s up to, you to find it. And really just use your gut feeling, but if you don’t feel safe about it then don’t do it here we go another free accommodation whoa.

So house-sitting is an option where, you get to live someone else’s house. And basically keep an eye on it. So, you are in exchange for free accommodation, you are reading their house for them, you are making sure that everything is all safe that, it’s clean that the plants are watered whenever it is that they need now many of my friends have done this locally they’ll house it a friend’s house, but, you can also do it globally when, you travel just make sure that when, you are house-sitting that your responsibilities are set out there are greed too.

And again like out surfing make sure, you use websites that have verification or vouching or their, you processes for, you yourself as a traveler. And through the house that you’re going to be sitting in at the end the day like couchsurfing if it doesn’t feel right and, you don’t feel safe don’t do it campervans what who so. I am throwing this in here as a form of accommodation because it is, this is a great way to travel around several different countries the ones that offer them, but basically, it’s renting a camper van that has a better net look at that you’ve got transportation.

And you’ve got a combination, it’s fantastic of course it is a little bit more rugged, you won’t have a shower and, you won’t have other things like a toilet. I’m generally in these camps and. So sometimes, you can find toilets here, it’s an RV there’s our being, but.

I’m dunh are being luckily we live in a world where toilets are everywhere. So, you shouldn’t have too much problem camping now. I personally love camping however when.

I travel, it’s kind of impractical because. I have so much of, you camera equipment.

And other equipment and. I need plugs so. I don’t personally camp, you don’t have all this electronic stuff camping is a great option because it is cheaper than a lot of other things.

And sometimes even free may be illegally maybe not anyways thank, you guys. So so much for reading this post. I hope you’ve got some ideas now on the different types of accommodations that, you can look at when, you are booking your travels.

I will see, you next time bye. So today. I’m go talk about all the many ways that, you can take that money that you’ve earned.

And work. So hard for. And spend it wisely.

And really try to stretch it out as much as, you can. ?

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