Mar Mar come here boy there, you are there’s a little housemate.

I’m gonna miss him he has been an essential part of the travel crew here yeah he always does the downward dog he’s always stretching that’s because he’s found enlightenment as some would say he’s woke now, this is the start of a very interesting morning we were supposed to be out of this resort at 6:00 a.m., but then the waves the water it was just craziness.


So they actually had to cancel the ferry. So now we’re getting the midday ferry it gave us a bit of time though to do some work enjoy the resort. And now we’re gonna have our last lunch here say our goodbyes to Mar Mar.

And maybe still home. We’ll think about it here is timing. So one of these two boats is bringing us to pool on from bulan we’re going to Legaspi where.

We’ll be flying out of tomorrow, but what we need to do today assuming the weather cooperates just a little is go check out the volcano by the name of my on basically like mayo, but at an end. And you’ve got my on hello, this is a really nice boat we’ve got a sea pigs put a two-hour ride to get there. And everyone’s just looking at me, it’s really quiet in here two hours later we’ve arrived.

I’m sitting here right now thinking to myself. And what crazy world is this took spank us transposition means. I never imagine possible.

So welcome to today’s snack hall. I want to show, you what we just got her roughly 250 us just over 100 pesos. So first off we came in clutch.

I got us two three in ones inside the bag we got one chip bag two chip bags three chip bags. So sort of like a bingo. So, it’s like a knockoff Oreo.

And a couple of water bottles that’s what, you get two dollars. And fifty cents here at the bus terminal. And we got about a three hour bus ride to go to the Legaspi from there.

I’m hoping we have a bit of daylight just to see that volcano, but we might be doing a sunrise mission if not, this is Legazpi about three hours later like for crazy traffic we’ve arrived, it’s actually a much bigger city than. I expected all right Jamie here’s our place for the night what do, you think. I want to give, you a room tour because.

I’m very impressed what we got for 75 Canadian or in other words about 60 US dollars all booked online check this out, this is our room what’s very nice, it’s clean, it’s modern, it’s bright like for me bright is the number one thing. I look for in a room as soon as it gets dark my energy levels just plummet. I can’t do work late whereas here.

I got a nice little workspace. I’m excited about this. And just based on the amenities.

I’m gonna make a very educated guess that the Wi-Fi speeds should be okay. And. I’m gonna get a post up for the first time in like four days kill me.

I was supposed to be uploading every second day that was the goal. I set for myself, it’s only gonna get better from here we’ve pretty much knocked out all of the really like Timbuktu Islands now, it’s time to do the more, you know adventurous, but somewhat more mainstream now that being said the Wi-Fi could literally be just as bad in those places if not worse pull out one has terrible internet but. We’ll make do, you know what even if it means.

I’m back logging posts, it’s gonna be worth it the places. I’m visiting world-class adventure. So we order some pizza just outside of the mall, but we’re gonna burn some time here so.

I guess, you can say we just have to wait. And they’re so sweaty.

I pictured him being a little bigger, but, you know he’s dying. I just found this chair here. And then one of the ladies of the front she’s like, you got to put the back and.

I was like oh, you want me to let it go honestly like. I didn’t really put out any tweets. And really announce it on Instagram, but there’s been a huge fan Meetup.

So we’ve been waiting now for your visa for a little bit, but honestly. I forgot my watch and. I really just don’t know the time that’s a really terrible placement under let’s just comes across as events as.

I couldn’t not do today’s post if we work for our sponsors. I wanted to do the huge shut up foot soap for when your feet are in need of a soap. And they smell bad.

So now in cranberry flavor hey guys it is right now 6:30 Jamie and. I are getting up to go. And see the volcano that yesterday we didn’t end up seeing because we got in too late.

And it was cloudy the good thing is this morning we have only one of those things to deal with it is. So overcast. So basically there’s a very good chance we’re gonna get there to see absolutely nothing, but, you know what we’re only gonna be in Legaspi once we’re all the way here let’s go check it out.

And hope for a small break in the clouds we’ve just arrived here at Dew raga. And the volcano well, it’s somewhere in that giant gray mist. So our taxi driver who we’ve hired for the next hour took us to.

I guess the next best thing which is this church right here yeah, it’s actually quite beautiful Catholicism is very strong here in the Philippines. And as, you can see here. So is the skateboard culture absolutely no skateboarding, you can see here mother Rosa has seen a few too many of the boys hitting these rails, it’s the perfect set if you ask me the Center for Jesus.

I could just see the amount of frustration as she made that sign the no skateboarding sign did not work what can. I add to really stop them this time let’s add an absolutely skateboarding on the walls Jaime is like literally 90% of our conversations are comprised of Nemo’s. I’m cool with it.

So like 10 minutes away we’ve come down the hill. And this right here is the remnants of a church about 200 years ago the volcano that again we cannot see right now erupted it actually buried this entire city magma lava all that stuff was coming running down the hill it pretty much destroyed the entire city this right here is one of the few things that remain standing, this is the bell tower of a church that was here. I’m pretty disappointed right now because one of the coolest photos that, you can get is standing right here, you take it for edgy, you post it up like that.

And then you’ve got the incredible volcano right behind you, but today things are not in our favor we’re not going to see that volcano oh my gosh, it’s showing. I can see its head, it’s just the tip show me what, you got shut up it all for the boys anyways what. I was saying before it showed its tip.

I would consider flying from Manila down here to Legaspi just to do a day trip out of this do a summit. I would love to check out that crater it looks. So epic there’s actually a bit of water at the top.

So it is you’re really beautiful almost like glacier like look, but, this is incredible. I’m glad, you have to see the tip like a Christmas Day miracle. I thought we were gonna be leaving here without anything getting some amazing footage.

And, it’s even better because of the clouds like, it’s making it. So dramatic I’m so happy right now guys but.

I definitely need to come back time to go to the airport our flight literally is taking off in 15 minutes. So it doesn’t really get into our screen than this, but the board a flight with vanilla. So Jamie do, you want to do the negotiations for a taxi you’re a bit of an expert on this we could get a taxi for at least five thousand yeah Jamie what is the greatest length you’ve ever gone to for its importance well.

I left Toronto. And then. I came here across the ocean you’re in luckier buddy because we’re about to get a double double double topples ice caps ting bitch, you know it all the way here in the Philippines there is a Tim Horton’s.

And if you don’t know what that is that’s a Canadian coffee shop they’re literally everywhere, it’s like the Starbucks of Canada, this is what all Canadians grow up on, this is what we’re fueled by we fuel by Timbits. And double-doubles Timbits are like little tiny circular doughnut. And double double well just refers to to cream to sugar, it’s the way that most people get their coffees done, it’s fantastic oh my gosh.

I’m just feeling. So patriotic right now oh we’re in the right place there, but well they have a vanilla deadline what are, you feeling there, but. I’m feeling a vanilla bit double-double oh hi Scott, you know.

I could get a double-double there, but but, it’s pretty hot outside we don’t have our igloos out here we go to Manila bring my staff there, you go what size I’ll just sauce medium turns out, you can’t get a doughnut with your call 650 feet up like this well, it’s weird that though. I gotta say guys like I’m so excited we’re gonna do a taste test to compare it to the Tim Hortons back home in Canadia.

I did not expect this, but we were driving to the airport probably about a week ago. I passed by a sign that said to Martin’s. And at first.

I didn’t believe my eyes, but long behold the legends were true the weirdest thing ever when they gave me my order they’re like here, you go sir. I was like what, you mean, but they called me sir instead of button, it’s the weirdest thing okay all right they’re button. So right here you’ve got yourself a typical meal.

And Canadia, this is pretty much the entire periodic table of nutrients most Canadians start their day off here with one of these little guys they’re called cygnets. So. I’m gonna go ahead.

And try one of these are these are the strawberry filled ones one of my favorites, it’s not too bad there, but next on the taste testing menu. So right here. I got their double toasted italiano bagel that’s really good the edges really can’t mess that up go part time to pull the backbone No this right here, this is why.

I come to Tim harness. So. I’m really fingers crossed here I’ll be able to experience a double-double Tim Hortons neurology boys our the Fingaz – oh dude that was in a matter of like 20 minutes night time because Jamie and.

I have been slaving away on our laptops doing some work. I sent out a few really exciting business emails some stuff that’s coming, it’s getting me really hyped up now we’re gonna head back to our hotel do some more editing. I just posted my first of the Philippine series Manila.

And, it’s doing. So well on Facebook that like 60,000 views in eight hours blog, it’s doing pretty good, but like. I’m just really excited about Facebook right now like, it’s a platform that.

I’m definitely not counting out. I want to make sure. I continue to build it out.

I think it could be a very promising platform in the future especially if they roll out that monetization for creators. I’m still waiting on that, but in the meantime any exposure is good exposure as long as, it’s not about going to jail or stuff like that so. I just finished stranger things too and.

I don’t know if any of, you guys are reading it odds are pretty good, but as. I walked by this building earlier today. I couldn’t help, but thinking of Dustin’s cat moment of silence recipes alright.

So as, you guys know, it’s great to be here in Manila, but the truth is it feels like something’s missing here because what. I associate most closely with Manila is the time that. I spent staying at Will’s house like.

I barely knew the guy at the time, but he literally opened his doors to Laura and. I we stayed at his place like he took such amazing care of us he literally fed us his homemade chicken adobo like it was the hospitality the friendliness that literally made him one of my best friends in a matter of just a few days as many of, you guys know wills right now back home in San Francisco getting treatment for his cancer, but even though he’s not here in Manila right now. I still feel like a part of hims gonna be here because tonight Daniel and.

I. And a few other people from the vlog squad are gonna be going to an award ceremonies actually go. And accept an award for will for me like, it’s a huge honor to be even slightly representing him the things that he’s accomplished.

And like the role model that he is for. So many people. I just feel honored to be invited to join onstage take part in that ceremony.

I know you’re reading this. I love, you man. I hope you’re doing well prayers for, you every single day man.

I’m always thinking about, you, this is Daniel he’s actually half Filipino, you would never know it it’s, you by the accident. And. I’m really tired by the way look hi girls AF well right now we’re on our way to chaos which is not a club here in the Manila we’re not clubbing we’re going to an award ceremony for Lion Heart TV because.

We’ll perhaps may wait because he’s nominated. So we’re rooting for representing the vlogs but. We’ll, this is for, you buddy the shouting is growing looking like nice to meet, you guys high-fiving yo guys, this is Brett.

I’m a maverick. I’m from Vancouver BC M an hour north of here now from Squamish why thank, you because a lot of people don’t know words. I had Tim Hortons today that’s a witness view well.

So we’ve had like a whole crew in here. I met. So many people that Daniels come to know.

And love these are all my friends danilo squad well guys that is the end of today’s post and, you know, it’s been a bit of an interesting one for to travel a bit of personal it was awesome to collect that award for will. And if you’re new to this blog here hit the comment button. I will put it right here.

And if you’re coming to the Philippines and, you want to get my five hot tips to the Philippines completely free, it’s just down here check it out it’ll help, you get ready for your trip. I’ve made an entire guide to the Philippines, but that’s just a little snippet of it. So get a check on that let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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