Go To Hill Farmstead Brewery The Fabled Brewer Of Some Of The World’s Best Beers

It’s not easy to get to Hill Farmstead. Or, at least, it’s not quick to get there and you can’t just “pop in for a pint.” You have to plan ahead, you have to know that you’ll be driving down country lanes for miles, you have to know that there’ll likely be a long line when you do get there. But it’s all worth it because they genuinely brew some of the world’s best beers (and there’s a great view while you wait to get a drink).

Go To Hill Farmstead Brewery The Fabled Brewer Of Some Of The World’s Best Beers Photo Gallery

What makes their beers so good is an elegance, depth, and clarity of flavor that few others can achieve. Their Pale Ales, IPAs, and DIPAs are hazy and have a pleasing roundness, with an abundant fresh fruitiness from the hops, but it’s always in balance, always exceptional, and there’s something taut and yet restrained about these beers. Their Saisons are extraordinary for their lightness and yet unrivaled depth, a dance of ethereal yeast and playful, teasing bubbles. Very rarely do you find beers that are perfect; at Hill Farmstead, it’s very rare that they aren’t perfect.

The farmstead in North Greensboro, Vermont, has been in Shaun Hill’s family for over 220 years. It’s now where he brews in a smart, modern brewery, far away from anything apart from views of the land. To see this facility on the Hill family’s farmstead, this beautiful barn brewery with its wide-ranging views, to have the anticipation of the journey and to arrive into beer-geek bliss, is an essential world-beer experience. The beers might be hyped up, but it’s not the fan-boy, squealing kind of hype that fad brewers receive; this is the venerable respect that only a handful of the world’s greatest brewers can live up to. It’s a pilgrimage beer destination.

The Lowdown

WHAT: Hill Farmstead Brewery

HOW: Open Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5pm (www. hillfarmstead. com).

WHERE: 403 Hill Road, Greensboro, Vermont 05842, USA

It’s one of the more remote breweries you can visit, but it’s well worth the effort to get there.

LOCAL TIP: Be Patient

After the long car journey to Hill Farmstead, you will most likely be in need of a beer. Unfortunately, unless you’re there on a rare quieter day, you’re going to have to stand in one of the long lines made up of with beer lovers desperate to get their hands on the latest limited releases. Don’t panic, it’s worth the wait.

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