Root tours.

So over the years. I have been on over 20 different organized group tours they range in size from five people to like 55 people. And have been like a day to date up to 45 days.

I literally been there. And done them all. So if you’re thinking of doing an organized group tour in your travels, this is what, you need to know not all group tours are created equally in price budget accommodation what’s included there is a ton of trial.


And error that goes into making a group tour they are a fine oiled machine. And there is a whole lot of variety in them. And they are an awesome way to travel if you are looking for certain things why group tours are awesome.

So they are easy like really easy, you just show up. And everything is organized for, you perfect for civil travelers because, you instantly have travel buddies they are safer because, you know safety in numbers and. I tend to do a lot more group tours when.

I’m feeling a little bit more unsafe in the region or the country that. I’m traveling to or if. I just don’t know it as well, but, you feel uncomfortable I’ll hop on a group tour.

And on the biggest factor on why people don’t like group Tauruses well the tour was probably never intended for them. And let me clarify do your research before, you book any group tour because there are a lot of different tours that are targeted toward different age groups different travel styles different objectives hence why we do a lot of research before booking a tour. And look at the marketing material of the tour, you are looking at who is the people that are displayed in the brochures do they look like your demographic your age group does it look like the things that, you want to do that’s a good indicator because who they’re like targeting through their marketing is who their tours are probably intended for also if you are more concerned about the age thing there are age restricted groups like there are 18 to 35 tours there are all aged tours.

And then there are like more senior. And more adult tours as a general rule of summit there is no limit on the age group the are expensive the tour. And the more remote satorious the more likelihood there’s going to be older demographic.

And it has to be more couples on those type of tours whereas the cheaper the tour in the more bucket list item tends to skew a lot younger money. I’m sure you’ve heard somewhere in your travels that organized tours are more expensive than doing it on your own this is. So necessarily not the case there is again.

So many factors that are involved into the organization. And the type of tour some tours provide everything for, you. I’m talking like accommodations food activities some tours provide literally just the basics of getting, you to a.

And B like hop on hop off buses other tours provide that plus accommodation there’s a lot of factors a lot of my cats today said. I’m not for UniGene. I’m going on no group tours what it comes down to is if you are traveling solo.

So will travel can be quite a bit more expensive than doing a group tour because, you are paying for everything yourself you’re paying for all your transportation yourself. So that’s where you’re really really going to save when it comes to a group tour because they organize transportation for, you you’re traveling in a smaller group then, you could do it cheaper yourself. And again depending on the region that, you are traveling to the tour might be more or less expensive what it comes down to is do the numbers calculate the cost of the tour.

And calculate the cost of doing it on your own before, you decide if you are really worried about the budget. And which one would be the better option for, you just spend some time. And calculate it out.

And then you’ll know okay. So now let’s break down a little basics optionals okay add on they are like navigating a minefield most of the time they are amazing. And totally worth it, but occasionally, you get the ones that are super touristy.

And way overpriced. And are just a waste of time. And money always budget more because when BAM optionals no seriously these things pop up everywhere every tour has additional the lists optionals.

And then it’ll be like this pop up optional that the tour guide will present to, you optionals are such a tricky one because a lot of tours will not the optionals in their pricing they’ll have a list of things that, you can do for an additional price. And then sometimes. We’ll just occasionally find issue whether they’ll throw them in every single group to offers this as a way to like customize your own trip personalize it.

And pick. And choose what exactly it is that, you want to do. I would say like 80% at least 8% of people choose to do the optional.

And sometimes, you will miss out if you are not doing optional. So if you are really tight on your budget. And you’re doing group tour.

And you’re not budgeting for any optionals please please give yourself a little room for optionals because there are some golden gooses out there or golden egg the golden eggs. I don’t know, but there’s some good ones. So budget for it accommodations.

So this really highly depends on your tour type most tours. I’m talking like 90 percent at least will provide accommodations for, you there are other tourists like hop on hop off buses or like day tours that won’t provide any accommodation for, you accommodation is really one of the benefits of doing a group tour mainly because as a tour provider they can negotiate certain rates. And lower rates for, you to stay at these hotels or hostels or accommodations that they’re booking for, you because they bring in volume that’s kind of how the business works they’re bringing innocent amount of people take a disc.

And rate also, this is the area where your price. And your budget goes the furthest. So when you’re picking more expensive towards, it’s generally because you’re going to get a more expensive accommodation that is the biggest difference that.

I personally found in the more expensive versus the cheaper tours is the accommodation while the cheaper tourists will put, you up in more cheaper places to stay like hostels at where as like the more luxury tours. And more expensive Tories are going to splurge. And give, you more comfortable beds more nicer breakfast is like nicer hotels where, you can rest your head.

And have a good night’s sleep on your travels now with all tour there’s a bit of give. And take because it was a compromise when it comes to being in a big group tour. And when you’re working with budgets.

So sometimes, you will have an awesome accommoda in that, you know many of them cheaper side maybe build a smaller side especially doing Europe because Colin the buildings that are in the center of the city are just smaller than the ones that were built later on on the outskirts. So you’ll have a more basic accommodation, but the benefit is it’ll be like day right in the center of town everything, you need is right there walking distance whereas on the opposite end sometimes, you will stay in a more luxurious place. And I’ll be more comfortable, but, you will be further out, you have to take transit to get in you’re not walking distance to everything that, you want to be there’s kind of a give or take on these tours.

I would again research the tour you’re looking at. And see what kind of accommodation they offer which one do they move toward food food food food. And love me.

So food, this is a very hit-or-miss category food can be very very hit-or-miss meaning that lots most of the time most of the time your breakfast will be include because, it’s just easier when, you have the group breakfast at the place that, you were staying at lunches. And dinners are then a mixture of organized. And free or like your own free lunch.

And dinner with organized dinners they can be very good because the tour group knows exactly where to go they know like the awesome places to eat or they can be like pasta dishes simple pasta dishes. And buffets which they’re. I mean like again the gamut in buffets they can be good buffets.

I’m having good buffets and. I’ve had some buffets my advice is to look at the reviews. And soul out the reviews on the food because when, it’s a hit is a hit when, it’s in this, it’s just ooh buffets another tip is to always take advantage of the free lunches.

And dinners please take advantage of it find something somewhere cute. And quirky. And fun to go eat, this is your opportunity to get away from the group usually when.

I spray lunches dinners people try to organize. And come together if they’re in a group to kind of make little mini groups to go places again with the group dinners. And organize dinners sometimes they don’t tend to be the local foods they tend to be more generic foods that will please everybody because that’s the thing when, you have a group you’ve got to please everybody, you can’t just have one really specialty dinner that mostly people in the tour group might not like.

So they’re kind of more easier generic that’s what is a lot about face a face, it’s easier the group tour. So when you’re free time go find something cool. And quirky.

And then your food situation will pop, you look at that drinking. And parties. So drinking happens on all tours of all ages everywhere now.

I’m serious there’ll always be some type of drinking involved with all group tours now most of the time these are fantastic casual fun situations might be beer tasting wine tasting starett tasting or trying local drinks that gets, you a chance to bond as a group. And have a great social time they are literally a great social time. And that’s why they are usually incorporated in some way or another in every single group tour like icebreaker 101 going out.

And having a few drinks with the people, you don’t know anything about what you’re going to be stuck on tour with for many many days spirits. And beers. And wines are a really big part of a lot of cultures.

And it is a great way to experience that culture is by tasting their local beverages, you should never feel pressured to drink because, you are traveling. And even though these are incorporating the tour. And everyone else is drinking, you should never feel pressure to.

And, it’s totally okay not to. I’ve done. I am NOT drank on many tours multiple times and.

I have drink on tours many times don’t feel peer pressure into doing anything or drinking anything just because everybody else is there are some people that live for the party that’s literally always came to do on this trip is to drink. And drink. And party.

And drink the biggest thing with the people who the crazy party people that are on the trips is just be respectful of your other travelers that are on the group with, you that’s the biggest thing like if you are one of those people that just want to go out every night drink to the local bars. And go dance. And do whatever it is that, you want to do just be respectful for your other like tour mates that you’re not being like ridiculously loud or too ridiculously rude or inappropriate because they’re also on this tour they’re also paying to be there don’t be that person when there is drinking.

And young people the tends to be hookups. So let’s just awkwardly talk about them what goes happen all the time. I’m serious guys these things travel in group tours is the perfect combination with.

And drinking drinking traveling strangers foreign countries group tours the perfect combination for hookups people will do it. And we liberally people are going to do it, you might do it practice safe responsible adult. I don’t think.

I need to go any further with that. I mean, it’s not all that bad people. I don’t think was unmarried after they met on a group tour.

So repairs can be magic. And there’s a lot of couples. And a lot of honeymooners that tend to go on group tours as well.

So, you know their time is really nice. And all group tours will incorporate some type of stare time some give, you a lot of spare time some very little spare time use your spare time please users their time to the best of your abilities, this is your chance to get away if you are not somebody who wants to be social all the time go, this is your show a bit go do your little trip in between the group stuff then cross, this is also your time that if the tour is is covering things that, you don’t want to see in there’s something in the city oh, you do want to see go do it go see it definitely don’t feel like, you have to stay with the group in your spare time, this is if you are solo traveling if you want to get away from all the socializing there’s a lot of socializing anger towards go go -, you go venture out. And have fun sharing rooms.

And roommates now a lot of Tours operates are there going to pair, you with a roommate a buddy or Brizzy a Chum this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on again your personal style your personal preference typically the tour price will include, you sharing a room. I can do if you’re traveling with a friend obviously it’d be with your friends if you aren’t in you’re traveling solo they’ll pair, you up with another solo traveler now, this is comes decision time because, this is one a great way to instantly have a new travel buddy. So if you’re apprehensive, you don’t know what’s going to know anybody you’re you’re worried about traveling solo.

And by yourself make sure, you you don’t get a solar room make sure that, you don’t pay for the additional. So upgrade because you’ll want that roommates because instant travel buddy. And you’ll feel.

So much more comfortable. And more relaxed soul upgrades there is an option. And pretty much all these tours to pay for a solar room or to upgrade yourself to a solar room sometimes, you just get lucky a thought if the numbers are odd, but most of the time, you got to pay, this is an option for those who don’t are more of the introvert type that, you don’t want to be around people all the time because in group tour, it’s especially like the longer group tours like.

I’ve been on a 45 day group tour, it’s nice Telus rule time to just have that time. And evening in your room by yourself if you’re a lot of people at once time by yourself pay for the upgrade you’re going to enjoy the tour so much more when, you have your own private time.

And your own bathroom. And etc together buses or coaches or plane or train, you spend a lot of time on transportation as a group it generally takes a little bit more longer to organize, but it is organized for you. So, you don’t have to worry about timetables etc, but, you are going to be spending time on it like all the travel.

So prepare yourself for being on a bus with a lot of other people also a lot of people like to bring those like little head things that’s if you’re one of those people bring it. I’m not a. I’m not a don’t be late, this is like my number one pet peeve.

And people your commentrs because you’re going on group tours please do not be the late person the tour later sets on my itinerary with certain times to be places because generally there’s a booking for that or there’s a reason why, you have to leave at a certain time or arrive at a certain time when people are late it delays the entire group. And there’s nothing worse than being delayed by people who cannot manage their time, you do it once okay maybe, it’s a mistake, but please do not be late because a lot of times these tour groups will have a policy, but they’ll leave without, you. I’m not kidding here they will leave, you behind if you are late.

I Wilson left behind because they cannot delay the whole bus or the whole tour because of, you so. I want, you to be aware of that. I don’t want, you to be that person who’s the late person.

So, you can prep prepare and, you know what it is. And last, you will make lifelong friends. I’m serious some of the people, you meet on these tours become life buddies like, you become Facebook friends.

I know people from my tour groups that have put together other tour groups they’ve got on other trips together they’ve organized gatherings they’ve stayed friends again they’ve gotten married all everything because, you are getting to experience. And on another culture another country the joy of travel with all these strangers these cool people that never would have met them normally. And here, you have the opportunity to meet people from all around the world and.

I think for me that’s one of the best parts of group tour is just getting to meet other people. And travel with other people that are just excited to travel, it’s just great being forced to meet new people, it’s such a great experience no seriously group tours are a really awesome way to travel if you are thinking about that type of travel or at least supplementing it with your solo or other types of like friend travel thank you so much for reading this post.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed. And you’ve learnt a lot. And got some insights on group tours.

And planning it. And all that jazz that’s involved there’s a lot, this is a long post so. I apologize for that, but if you enjoyed it please give a thumbs up let me know if there’s anything.

I missed down below in the comments and or your experiences with your group tours what towards have, you been on how many people where like what has been your experience with them down below in the comments. And last of course don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog if you aren’t already for more tips. And advice.

And happy travels guys. I will see, you again soon with another post why. ?

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