Guitar Center US Map & Phone & Address

Guitar Center US Map & Phone & Address

750 Commonwealth Ave. Boston;

(617) 738-5958 There are some advantages to being the biggest guitar dealer in the land, boasts the manager at Boston’s branch of this California-based chain. Opened with much hoopla in 1994, this vast shop offers standard discounts of 20% to 40% on a variety of guitars (and other instruments) from all major brands.

Better yet, special deals with manufacturers can chop as much as two-thirds off the price of a new axe and Guitar Center gets a pretty regular lineup of these. Recent specials offered a Nady wireless electric guitar, with a list price of $199, marked down to an amazing $49. A Crate Vintage Club 2100 amp, with two 10-inch speakers, was reduced from $350 to $149. These of course are the heavy promotional deals, but you’ll always find something like this in each department.

Speaking of which since bands do not live by guitars alone the store also carries keyboards, drums, computers, and recording equipment. Score a Pearl Export drum kit, originally list priced at $1,299, marked down to $399; or nab a pair of Sennheiser headphones, not for $129, but just $49.

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