Hard Rock Cafe US Map & Phone & Address

131 Clarendon St. Boston; (617) 353-1400

How can a restaurant that is now in every city in the world still be a tourist trap? Mine isn’t sure, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Boston’s branch does have something that should interest fellow Cheapsters, though: free, live acoustic music on Friday and Saturday nights. Cavern Club Live features Boston bands in Hard Rock’s hip (if over-hyped) atmosphere. Music starts at 10 P.M.

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When the travel destination was first created it ran straight on at this point to reach the sea at Grangemouth docks, but with all the developments (including the M9) restoring the route would have been impossible. The answer with the Millennium opening was to turn the travel destination here (Lock 3) and run on to a final lock, number 2, which was on the banks of the River Carron. This was tide-dependent and a Lock 1, on the river, was to be the hoped-for improvement, as and when possible. Instead we have the present continuation dominated by these two mythical beasts, one rearing 30m in to the air, the other bowing gracefully. They weigh in at 300 tonnes each. (Peer inside to see their construction.) In the sun they can glitter, but I’ve passed them on the M9 at gloomy dusk when they seemed quite menacing. The sculptor was Glaswegian Andy Scott, well known for his horse figure in Kelpie style on the M8 nearing Glasgow and the 10-metre tall four-armed female figure Arria off the M80 in Cumbernauld. After Lock 3 (crossing possible) still keep on the towpath side along past many moored boats (their names an interesting study!). There’s a viewpoint up the bank giving one of the best views of the Kelpies.

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