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And welcome to another beautiful day here in tikal island staying on trend with Filipino foods they really love sweet things and, this is longans it almost tastes like sweet. And sour pork that, you get at a Chinese restaurant, but, it’s even sweeter. And we’re joined here by marmar, this is one of my favorite dogs of all time hey Marv Marv he’s got the most beautiful temperament he just hangs out with us he’s got the funniest gallop Marv Marv he runs.

So goofy yeah they’re like little tap shoes oh he’s so cute. So today we are going to explore the infamous waterfall that flows directly into the ocean should be extremely beautiful.


I’ve seen some photos. I’ve never seen anything like it, this is the reason we’ve come all the way to tikal island pretty much the reason we came all the way to my spot city my spot a was pretty much for this one waterfall hey all right here we go and. So our two brave adventurers setting off from the coastline saying goodbye to the resort we may never see it again, this is a pretty gnarly adventure right now waters really choppy.

And we’re still not there yet. I don’t know where we’ve been going at it for an hour. And a half now through this crazy back.

And forth water, it’s like being in a blender Wow honey does that we just arrived here in lapis lapis island. And, it’s this beautiful little Inlet. And right now the water is nice.

And shallow below us it looks like, it’s just beautiful white sand and. So even though, it’s a bit of a gray overcast day the water is like an emerald blue it’s so beautiful.

And the crazy thing is he just in his little tiny villages along the coast and. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live here life would be. So different that kid could not have been any older than like 7 years old.

And he’s just going off with his two younger siblings in a motorboat right here oh they’re pulling us into Shore hopefully we can take cover, this is quite the storm. So, it’s freezing ever since that storm hit. So we’re just gonna wait out the storm we’re gonna go for a swim because we’re being told, it’s much warmer in there than it is out here, it’s a bathtub, you left for like a couple hours.

And came back to, you forgot, you had it running. And not what. I was expecting to know yeah.

I’m gonna be even colder when I get back in the boat abort mission boy. And.

I’m like hey do, you think the locals have three in one’s which is like this Nescafe coffee mix they do, you can buy a three in one pretty much anywhere in this country next. We’ll stop here in lapu-lapu hopefully that is the end of the storms for today alright the waters are calm we’re now like inside of the island. So we’re not exposed to the outside.

I don’t know if you can hear me the motor is really loud nice good again the warm again drying off, you got really close ribbon. So, it’s two hours later we’re finally Within Reach. I can see it from here just around that corner personally.

I have never seen a waterfall that goes directly into the ocean, it’s something about, it’s just like extra magical. I gotta say. I’m excited to go check it out.

And the water is. So warm all right a couple sets the goggles how cool is this thing we’re gonna look pirates pirates we’re being commandeered apparently pretty much everyone hanging out here on this Beach is just here for the day just like we are just enjoying the nice little sandbar. And enjoying some food kind of having a picnic out here.

And most of them will be coming from little bran guy’s neighborhoods around here as we’ve been taking the boat through we’ve seen these little tiny homes just along the coast most of these homes are actually not even really connected by a road to the main towns of Tikal island. And the main towns are still very small, but they’re not connected by roads that a car could go on pretty much they’re those rough roads that we took in yesterday’s post as we were going away from altamar resort we have three people on the motorcycle it was hilarious to check out that post, it’s link down below that’s pretty much how most of these people live either they take the boat into town which is quite a waste to get there or they take a motorcycle. And go down these really remote dirt paths to get into town for the most part they’re just living off the coast fishing.

And feeding themselves very self-sustaining what’s for lunch today chicken curry. So good these are like 100 year old prawns that have lived their entire lives without being threatened by any predator, it’s the only way they got this big yep they jealous all the haters on the island trying to watch our meal throw the whole school. I’m good.

I think there’s something else up here with me on this mountain back it again Spiegel vlog Eagle vlogs coming coming over soon in a second blog almost Amiga vlogs commentr always climbing new cliffs in search of cell phone reception hey hey cut bars appear. I haven’t had any cell phone reception during pretty much this entire trip we got some bars up here climb cliffs people look really closely, you can see, this is their arc, you can tell it is because of the way that it is Wow the roads are this my car damn it is. So lit on that island yeah.

So we’ve gone to our last destination of the day. And, it’s like some sort of like a cave okay here we are we’re going inside the cave epic oh my gosh look at this, this is courtesy didn’t realize we’d be stopping inside of a cave, but, this is pretty epic definitely some bats living in there probably a few dead bodies oh geez dang it nothing dingo skill will we make it back thank, you all right we’ve just gotten back to Tikal altameyer Resort, it’s time to get a coconut shake some dinner this right here is my Alexia, this is their coconut shake it’s so good.

I’m actually gonna take to my favorite things in the world coconut shake. And three in one. I’m about to combine them and.

I think it’ll become my favorite thing in the entire universe simple math today it was an incredible day like for me anytime. I get to see something new especially as someone who travels all the time that for me is a great day and. I’ve never in my life seen a waterfall that even comes close to that day it was a huge success the Philippines has.

So much to offer there’s so many of these awesome little hidden secrets and. I’ve actually made an entire travel post guide showing, you how to make the most of your trip to the Philippines if you want to check it out.

I’ve actually got the five hot tips to the Philippines just link down below, it’s a little preview of the entire guide which will show, you how to make the most of Cebu. And palawan which are the two best places that anyone coming to the Philippines for the first time needs to go to although the travels we’re doing right now are world-class incredible they’re challenging. I would consider myself to be an experienced traveler, but also just someone who’s willing to throw themselves into the deep end.

And that’s why this travel got. I’ve built for, you make sure that, you don’t have those crazy, you know what am. I doing moments, but, you still have that raw adventure included in your itinerary.

And if you’re new to my blog feel free to press that comment button right up there get notified when the next Philippines post comes up because there’s a lot more of them again the five hot tips to the Philippines linked right there huge thank, you to Tikal altamar resort for having us for the past couple of days been incredible if you want to see yesterday’s post its link down below guys let’s get lost again in the next one. ?

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