Holiday Travel Tip- How to Plan for Your Holiday Trip

Holiday Issues

You should addresthe following issuewhile planning and preparing for your holiday.

Remember List

Most people forget something when they go on holiday, but not many forget something important like their passport and tickets, or forget to turn off the bath tap. If you forget something, it iusually just an annoyance but it can have a greater impact.

Asoon ayou know you are going away on holiday or a businestrip, start to compile a ‘Remember List’. That is, a list of the thingyou have to do or take. They may not be avital ayour passport or driving licence, but forgetting them will be annoying. A few sample entriefor your Remember List may be:

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• Spectacle- your normal pair and perhapa cheap spare pair.

• Prescription sunglasse(if you want to read on the beach).

• Addresof your cousin Doriwho liveout there, so you can visit her apromised.

• A videotape of the family Christmato give to your cousin Doris.

• Your herbal tea, or you won’t be able to get to sleep at night.

• Any prescribed medication you are taking with a prescription and note from the doctor.

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You can also add other thingto the list, which remind you what not to take. For example, you have to take your house key with you, but do you really need to take the whole bunch that you call your house keys? The bunch includeyour Mum’back door key, three keyyou use at work, that big key you never could figure out what door it fitand your old school locker key that you keep for luck! You don’t need to take all of them, so do something about it before you go. What about your hanging basketand the rest of the garden? Make a note to ask Mr Bigginto water the hanging basket, weed the garden and cut the lawn. (You will do hiwhen they go away.) Use thilist to capture everything that cometo mind and will contribute towardyou having a really good holiday or worry-free businestrip.

Remember List – countermeasures

In the weekbefore your holiday, keep a notepad with you. Make a note of anything that cometo mind, thingto take, thingto leave, thingto do, etc. You never know how important the issue you think about may be, so you don’t want to risk forgetting something that may be critical to your enjoyment of your holiday (such aholiday insurance).

When preparing for the holiday, remember to actually look at, read and check the documentyou are collecting. For example, read the holiday insurance to make sure it coverthe right dates, etc.

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