I’ve heard there are two things you should never try to do while on vacation – save money and lose weight. I’ve busted the first myth, so here’s how to deflate the second.

Walking: Beaches at sunrise or sunset lend themselves to strolling, but so do cities like Paris or London. Venice is another wonderful city for walking. Garden tours, museums and galleries offer more opportunities to exercise and burn calories. You’ll save money too.

Stair climbing: A hotel room two or three floors up is ideal to work off any overindulgences and firm up five muscle groups, including your quads and glutes.

Swimming: floating, splashing or just bobbing in the water is bound to expend more energy than just sitting at the bar.


Resort activities: Volley ball, tennis, or golf can be fun if you’re into them. I’m not.

Food choices: The beauty of buffet dining is the enormous selection – there are always healthy options. You can eat hamburgers, pizza and French fries or you can sample exotic fruits, roast chicken or fish and green salads.

Outside of the all-inclusive vacation venue, museums and art galleries often have tasty lunches at value prices. Buy fresh fruit and healthy snacks at grocery stores to reduce impulse eating on the run. If you’re unsure of portion sizes, order your own appetizer but split the main course. We learned that the hard way in Buenos Aries, where our two steaks could have fed a family of four. In B.A, even locals share.

FA TIP: If you have a fitness routine you enjoy, (e.g. jogging), then by all means keep it up on vacation. I prefer long walks, ocean floating and stair climbing, along with smart food choices, like eating a bite of dessert, to maintain my weight. We often find we come home lighter than we left.

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