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This afternoon we are going on Sigatoka off-roading Cave Safari. We are going to see the largest cave system here in Fiji, do a bit of off-roading which is going to be a bit bumpy I’m assuming. So this is how you get cars across the river Behind me is Naihehe Cave, it is the largest cave system here in Fiji. So, one of the main uses and why its really important to the local villages here is during the civil war 1876, the local tribesman hid the women and children into the cave to protect them from the attacking tribe which was coming from the coast. So they hid here for over 40 days Kind of crazy and we are going to go and explore it.

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So cool. That looks so drippy. We are in a sci-fi movie, we are in a sci-fi movie. This is how every horror movie starts in a cannibalism cave. Actually, yea, this cave was used for cannibalism and ceremonies and also for weddings, Like there is an altar. It’s where people get married That is the cannibal oven. This is where they bring their enemies They laid their bodies back here. A spear in the heart and in the oven they go. And once its cooked, the chief gets the first pick, he eats the brains and the heart because he believes he gets the wisdom and knowledge from the brain and the heart gives him courage. They found gemstones in the middle of the chief’s pool. The chief did not know what gemstones were, so they brought the Americans to explain what the gemstones were So they went in and explored. They saw beautiful cathedral on the inside with gemstones stuck on the sides of the wall and three big eels swimming at the tops of the cathedral. They took beautiful pictures and the chief still has those pictures today. The only picture they did not took was the three eels. So the chief believes that is the spirit god that is protecting this cave from the inside.

This is really scary. I have seen to many horror cave movies before and the fact that there is like a 400 meter cave that only 2 people have ever explored in the world and 400 meters of underground caves, that is pretty freaky, freaky. People don’t know what caves, how old, the things, you don’t know how long they’ve been there, you don’t know where they came from, you don’t know what is living or not, there is like a whole other eco system in here that you don’t know. You know what I am saying? Yea. I am your host and your Fijian cook, this here is the Indian cook. We want to show our guest how we would normally cook and the way we cook it. Oh my goodness people, Nadine is in the kitchen again We are going to be cooking 5 different dishes, a little mixture of everything; 3 of them are going to be traditional Fijian dishes,kind of what is in, the flavour in season, and the other two will be Indian dishes. Oh yea. It’s good. So for tonight’s accommodation, we have a luxurious cruise ship. Yes. This is the Blue Lagoon Cruises and we are going to be here for 1 night. I hope you are really enjoying all the various room tours and accommodations that we are staying at. It is quite varied and this one is one of the most varied since it is on a cruise ship. If you look behind me, that is my cabin and my bed, that is my window, this is my mirror where you can see me, that is all my stuff. Ignore that, it’s just it always explodes everywhere. So we just finished trying kava. It is one of the traditions well, the traditional drink here in Fiji. It’s good, its earthy it makes your tounge feel a bit numb. Yea my tounge is numb right now. Feels like going to the dentist cause they freeze your mouth. haha. So it’s not the best tasting drink, lets just put it like that but when in Fiji.

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