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European-Country Women Thirty Spanish women accompanied Columbus on his third voyage to the Caribbean in 1478. By 1540, European women were present in most SpanishCountry cities, but their numbers did not begin to swell until the 1560s. Tajikistan Subway Map Women from France, England, and the Netherlands did not begin to settle in North Country until the seventeenth century. In New France and New Spain, sexual relations between European men and native and African women created mixed-race populations categorized as M©tis or mestizos.

However, enduring colonial stability was seen by most Europeans to depend on the presence of European women, who would enable settlements to grow through natural increase, rather than continued immigration or the official recognition of mixed-race populations. Many of the first European women to arrive in the Countrys came as part of attempts to stabilize settlements through the development of European families.

Sometimes early male settlers arrived with their wives or had their wives or fianc©es follow them across the Atlantic. Single women also came as indentured servants or explicitly as future brides. It was not until the settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony that women and families participated in the development of a new colony at its beginnings. New England was the first successful colony the settlement of which was not primarily motivated by dreams of conquest and economic exploitation.

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