ICE CAVES Fox Glacier New Zealand

Hey guys. So right now we are getting a whole bunch of rain jackets.

And tubes. And warm weather gear on because we are going to be taking a helicopter up to the fox glacier to do a little heli high pain yeah. I’m really excited about this because last time.

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I was here. I got two friends josef glacier. And we only wear hiking bottom, but now we’re gonna be taking helicopter over jump hi girls we’ve landed on the glacier we have our crampons on II didn’t we got our six faster pushes I’ll forgive the slow step buckles up layers and, this is a classic example here these little love layers here that’s just been pushed up they call compression arches.

And some other ones who see their door on the quite thing they figured out that we had to go in. So that’s one way that case form. And they’re all at right angles to the.

So slow of the arts, it’s like. I’m in glue. And actually glue far does it go amazing.

I always tried to build up when I was younger get the snow piles that we would pile up from my driveway Oh numbers impressive is this having fun yes spectacular good evening guys. So right now.

I’m taking in the skyline gondola up to the skyline lounge to have a wonderful six-course dinner something ridiculous like that. I don’t even know where all these courses are, but yeah. And one of the bonuses of this cobbler ride is, you get a beautiful amazing view of Queenstown, this is the most amazing thing.

I’ve ever seen in my life. I am. So excited because.

We’ll say you. ?

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