KINGS LANDING Dubrovnik Croatia

Hey guys welcome to Dubrovnik Croatia. So yeah right now.

I’m here with my sister hello yo are we doing some duo traveling around Croatia right now we are doing the number one thing to be here inter-ethnic which is walk at the city walls that go all the way around city see see, it’s gonna go there there, it’s right leads like to pallbearers of wall. And of course we’re doing in the middle the day when, it’s boiling we don’t really plan that out too well that’s right all right. I can see why then on one thing to do here in Dubrovnik yeah make shiny pretty nice, you know sorry about halfway done our city wall walking tour are walking nothing.

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And now we’ve reached the harbor so. I would just like to point something out about Dubrovnik. And Croatia these are Road, this is a rhotic raesha last airway the path is a road we found this out the hard way we had to truck our luggage key up the road to our hostel good times right stuff yeah oh just the road ahead go around yeah no no son arrows steroid non-road, it’s just your face Oh set out the new guys right now um here sitting Iowa standing on one of the islands off squad Jericho picture your closet here in Croatia all the islands are kind of rocky, it’s not really all the beaches are rocky beaches spot, it’s kind of like actually nice because, this is clear there’s one Stephanie what did we get a lot of edges all.

I love it look at this fresh butter. And bread. And bread we’re.

So what is it local local not really we’re gonna make something out of it we’re gonna make something makes it what are, you like a soft 404 sir, but we’re gonna make like a Center fried. We’ll see how ago yeah. We’ll see great there’s lots of grease everywhere vineyards here she could see.

I want to meet, you we’re not gonna steal grapes from some poor farmer Stephanie that’d be awful our hotel our hostel person wanted us to. So, you know know which one, this is still grapes from some guys. So definitely 7:30.

And we’ve just gotten into Old Town corsola right now because we are brilliant. And decided to walk back from beach. And gorillas how long a V.

And we took completely wrong route. And end up walking for like an hour before finally catching the bus back. And he didn’t want to catch, it’s like a two-minute us autumn Marco Polo things here like Marco shop walk.

I think something to market or what happened here he said he was born here her. I think. ?

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