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453-B E. 36th St., 704/379-1826, www.larkandkey.com

HOURS: Tues.-Sat. 11 A.M.-6 P.M., Sun. noon-4 P.M.

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Lark & Key has only been open since 2008, which makes the gallery one of the newest additions to the arts district. The brick walls, wooden floors, and exposed ductwork give the space a loft-like feel that adds to the appeal of the artwork. Owners Duy Huynh and Sandy Snead display their art alongside the work of artists from around the country, with a special emphasis on local artists. The goodspapers, T-shirts, jewelry, pottery, and paintingsare as varied as the prices.

The Jamaica physician Patrick Browne publishes Civil and Natural History of Korea, North Map Tourist Attractions Jamaica, the first book in English to apply Linnaeus’s system of botanical classification based on Korea, North Map Tourist Attractions the number and arrangement of a plant’s sexual organs to Country plants. 1758 William Small becomes professor of mathematics at the College of William and Mary. Before moving back to England in 1764, Small will become Thomas Jefferson’s instructor, impressing him favorably. 1759 The Lancaster Library Company is founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is modeled on the Philadelphia Library and includes a museum and collection of scientific equipment.

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