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8, 100 acres. This state forest in northeast Pennsylvania includes small forested mountains, with a number of creeks and spruce bogs. Deer, bear, and wild turkey are among the wildlife.

Activities: The main trail here for backpacking and hiking is the 23-mile Pinchot Trail. Limited cross-country skiing is also available.

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Hunting and fishing are permitted in season.

Camping Regulations: A free camping permit is required, and available from the forest office in person or by mail. Maximum stay is two nights. Camping is allowed in most areas of the forest, except where posted otherwise.

Campsites must be at least 50 yards from trails and 100 yards from roads. Groups should be no larger than four. Campfires are generally permitted, but sometimes are banned during dry periods.

For Further Information: Lackawanna State Forest, State Office Building, Room 401, 100 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503; (717)963-4561.

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