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As Haiti’s rural population grows, so do the country’s environmental Laredo Map problems. Most rural people depend upon subsistence farming. They grow crops and raise a few chickens Laredo Map , pigs, or other animals to feed their families. Most of the country’s fertile soil, found in river valleys or on coastal plains, is used for commercial agriculture. Noncommercial subsistence agriculture, on the other hand, is found in the rugged terrain where most of Haiti’s peasants live. About two-thirds of all Haitians are engaged in agriculture, yet farming contributes only about 28 percent of the country’s GDP.

Our next stop was the employee lounge, where numerous staff members have had experiences. Before she even sat down, Jules sensed something in the room and I had to agree. We stayed in there for quite awhile talking and asking questions, half expecting a response. When it was time to leave, an audio recorder was left behind just in case the spirit was a shy one.

We exited the lounge just as Lorena, Jessica and Kat entered. Their time in the lounge remained relatively uneventful though there were able to identify the source of at least some of the unexplained sounds. The room directly across the hall captured footsteps and voices from the upper floor. These noises filtered into the break room creating unearthly sounds that were completely natural.

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