So right now we’re bout to take the three six months old line cuts sawara the booty. And the robbing it for a walk really cool now taking the line cuffs out for a walk is a very important part of their development it really just allows them to run around freely to play as to to be Lions we just follow along.

And become parts of their pack. So these are the bigger lions we have to put them away while we clean the big lion Kemp’s so they’re in here resting.

LION WALKS TIGER FEEDINGS South Africa Photo Gallery

So obviously they can’t attack volunteers oh yeah time to open it up the lion poop now let’s go find. And bounce go goes find a line cook here see I’ll bury these guys are she’s taught to been. So bad.

So hi hi guys okay gimme okay gimme getting ready Tigers the Lions all right John, it’s beautiful are, you gonna get a shout out. I have some big slabs of raw beef right here that the volunteers from the throw over the fence to the animals. And mix them very happy, it’s pretty exciting graphic warning here guys if you are not comfortable with raw meat ton away for a little bit.

So the predator feeding happens every few days as in the wild big cats wouldn’t eat every day, it’s Thursday here at the living with big cats program which means excursion day aka we get to go out. And do something fun for the day. And today we are doing the bush baby monkey sanctuary.

So, you can see lots of monkeys I’m. I mean. I’m suing cuz, it’s a monkey thank, you oh my god your bottles gonna fall monkey.

So for dinner tonight we have stopped off at a a traditional. I guess African village. And do a little shopping maybe it was really cool like beaded trinkets.

And all these things here. So I’ll look at, this is really impressive Subhan Allah Sadie Olivo Holly Sadie that means. I see the light and.

I also thank the light that me. And my people are still alive. So good people even this whole place that, you visited today we call it listen it means light it is strong he’s wise did that make sense hey guys thanks.

So much for reading my post. I hope, you enjoyed it don’t forget to hit the comment button for more travel posts from me and. I will see, you again in a few days time with a new post bye.

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