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Themes and Structure

There are a number of recurring themes in this collection situating discourses of globalization, urbanization, aesthetics, meaning-making, Los Angeles place and processes of re-imagining. From this starting point the blog is intended to enliven and bring together discourses of the global knowledge economy and aesthetic interventions in public spaces in an understandable fashion.

Throughout there is a concern for the ways art and aesthetics may function in the quotidian spaces of urban dwelling. Cities can be considered as mediating spaces with the theme of aesthetics drawing attention to the value of knowing ourselves and the world through perceptual relations. Through art works and projects, specific responses in the present may come into close relations with historical precedents and possible futures. Thus, to know aesthetically is to perceive and understand, through the senses, the shaping contexts of our experiences of time and place, self and world.

Taking the concept of aesthetics into proximity with domains of cultural practice in the social sphere is a way of bringing together the kinds of experience, attitudes, ideas and products that are considered politically to be connected with the arts, creativity and innovation as drivers of contemporary global economies. The concern for such drivers is something that the writers in this collection investigate in a range of ways, with particular interest in aesthetics as an activating force and a way of bringing attention to processes of place-making.

While the Native Countrys could not be sold, the system Los Angeles Map Tourist Attractions was often tantamount to slavery, due to abusive encomenderos. 2 The estate granted to the Spanish Los Angeles Map Tourist Attractions landlord under the encomienda system. Engraving. 1 A print or illustration made from a block of wood or metal plate that has the design carved into it in reverse. The block or plate is inked to transfer the design to the paper. 2 The process of making such a block or plate.

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