Luxury Hotel in Thailand Gets You Soneva Kiri

Guys we have just arrived at probably the coolest most beautiful resort we have ever stayed at this is a six star resort here in Coe code in Thailand, and we just want to take you guys along for the ride, and show you what you get for two thousand US dollar a night villa here in thailand. But it begins this morning this is where we need to be Hey everybody how you guys doing say today is one of those days where I just can’t believe what our life is we are so unbelievably thanks what what can happen over the next couple of days, and if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t be doing this. So we’re going to take you along on our journey, I’ll say pretty much begin with our own private flight to get up there Sarika wow this is so cool do we have seat numbers or can we just thank you thank you so much thank you thank you so much yeah you sir guys that is the way to travel that was so nice, and smooth where did have a spot of turbulence.

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But didn’t matter it was so enjoyable I want to travel like this all the time oh girl a little buggy yeah what how would I kid oh oh okay I know I just have now on I don’t think I’ve ever been taken from a plane onto a golf buggy we’re just driving down the runway from private jet to private golf buggy to private box sorry car just nice thank you so much thank you so much yes well if you – thank you they’ve now checked it in, and they’ve given us the key to our room, and also our own private buggy oh that way got reverse there just just roll backwards just discard him give me the case seriously I don’t we’re gonna look at our little foggy start cool doing nine villain I know you feel it too okay oh you knowing we get our in car park it is story fun to drive I think this island might be quite big then if we have to have our own buggy we’re stars cool radicals like we’ve ever seder seriously love uses the desert I can it indicate its cover don’t drive into the villa yeah this is good yeah you can leave the keys in are you guys welcome to co-could we’re currently saying as a Soneva kiri, and this is a six star hotel here in thailand we’ve never stayed at a six star hotel I am so excited to see our villa it’s pretty cool I can hear like music plays the entrance, and yes it is alrighty guys. So this is it this is where we can chill relax probably eat some food look at this big sitting area, and then down here we have our own private pool it’s so cool how beautiful is that, and then down there if you can see that’s our little private beach. But the pool is down to the private beach down there like us is the pretty boys yeah this is our room this is a villa, and it’s like very Thai style show you later you like wraps right around the villa yeah here’s our room it’s so cool. So here is our bed, and I want to open up all these doors like look at that look at that what’s so nice. So pretty all right here is our bed, and guys the TV over look it’s inside the suitcase.

So there’s the TV oh my gosh. So it’s fruit in here the whole time I just love the scene or the slice it feels like you’re in like a tent in the 50s, and you’ve gone traveling could you have a look this together just like a suitcase style like in here is where all the light switches are, and then your water now see how it looks like a suitcase, and then of course that you’ve got all these two cases here you’ve also got like a chess board which is sitting on like it looks like two cases. Because really cool travel back in the day yeah more hidden lights we yeah I think if you like this. So like you push that for more light switches this is a really cool design anyway. So that’s just our bedroom good we did get shown ranch’s before he’d left his phone behind, and our guys that it’s pretty much available 24/7 for us to call him he said this is your number just contact me just directly it’s really nothing we carry this around the island others are really a nice touch I was really cool man this is gonna be a long to ask, and then in here is kind of like the get ready room. So here’s where, I’m going to be doing my makeup which probably won’t happen. Because it’s a human ear, and then Steven can lounge around here while he waits for me this is where we can unlike store our clothes our stuff, and again it’s like luggage we’ve got our roads they’ve given us three road to one spare which is great, and then we have some slickers oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys as well the island it is a neuro to Ireland.

So we’ve had to take our shoes off, and we’re not putting it back on until we leave we have to surrender our shoes, I’m going on the pony I give up your shoes. So it’s really cool, and then out here it’s like an outdoor bathroom, and it is seriously amazing to come to you if you want some more private space as an outdoor toilet, and this is you I know right. So there’s the toilet Oh III it’s our private phone while they grew to answer that yes. So that used your own little window which means is really cool this is the toilet that’s outside, and then you come through here, and we have to showers we have one shower that is an indoor shower which is so nice, and when we were checking in May actually asked us what my favourite scent was, and I said Lovins up, and then I noticed they full of, and dissent in the shower which is a really cool touch, and then there’s also an outdoor shower just here. So cool, and then if you want a bath which i think is what, I’m going to opt for every night kind of like a hot tub Jacuzzi style bath here literally, and just like the middle of the forest that is amazing, and then over here is like the keeps going. So there’s like a massage table where I think you can order massages, and they can come a massage you this is where the towels are hung which is really cool, and then again they look like gigantic suitcases, and we have one side for Steven, and then one side for me.

So it’s a double vanity, and then in here they actually asked us what we needed, and I said we really needed a razor, and some toothbrushes, and they gave that those to us, I’m washing powder I needed to do some washing, and then here it’s like got all your like shower caps, and cotton tips, and stuff like that also again or your light switches are hidden, and your hair dries hidden, and how cool is it looks like a gigantic suitcase with the buckles, and stuff really really really cool, and then if you come through here back into our room that’s pretty epic that was really really epic phone call we got some sauce is checking this weekly experiences that you can do here at the resort, and if you wanted to you can do a full day, and quad experience we are so close to the Cambodian border you can sisiter casually call the private helicopter fly over Angkor Wat land, and then go on your own little tours which would be amazing to do they’ve just come to lunch, and this is where we’re going to be having lunch guys this is so beautiful nice that you also included in this resort in your own chocolate room, and it’s a limited you just have as much chocolate as you want guys this is my type of Champa Nutella chocolate milk cheers I do dessert chuckle, I’m alone also one County in chocolate room just move next door to you always ice cream these are the choices we have sorbet oh my goodness. But the fun stuff all these different ice cream since which page what. So many ice creams which they are nice these have a literally flying yes. So cool all right tree pod dining oh there’s a seat belt okay you guys ready yes okay, I’m gonna have you doing that okay this is viral oh my gosh this is so cool I love how it wears off literally five minutes. So we’re currently getting pulled up above the trees in this little tree pod, and this is our view, and we’re going to be having high tea literally quite high here you could you see that on or your buckle we all have until we order tea yeah delivering here guys this has got to be one of the coolest dining experiences we’ve ever done we’ve never that’s my key before literally never had high tea before.

So this is a really cool way to to have our first inaugural high tea, and that view down there just, and that view up there is what you come for I’ve ever told you that red velvet is the one of my fave can’t have high tea without this line delivered tea have been such a magical end to the day, I’m just reading the sunset over there we still got our nature music playing on in the background oh my gosh this is paradise like this is pretty much the view, I’m going to go for a dip before dinner, I’m just reading the sunset this is almost like a mirror pool, and it looks like an infinity pool over there as well. But Wow this has been one of the best days we’ve had we delight you on Facebook, and Douglas said this is the pre honeymoon, and this would be such an amazing place to have a honeymoon it does kind of feel like the pre honeymoon before the wedding it is currently like 6 o’clock, I’m really really excited for dinner. Because our telling us that every now, and then they have different kind of like cuisines like little special nights, and tonight the special night is raw. So everything is going to be like raw vegetables, and stuff like that which, I’m so excited about. Because I told Stephen I really want to eat healthy for the wedding that is perfect nothing’s going to tempt me if everything is raw, and I’ve cooked currently been listening to like jazz all day and, I’m going to put something on everyone or love Hilary Duff why not oh yeah yeah yeah yeah why not come on save you know two words spoken down the street you’re not even fooling you oh hey honey wait, I’m just trying to get a cold shot where are you going never stop where you go Jess the whole fun of the buggies we both ride it I got my own private driver come on Ian boy to dinner please bringing back memories of the time we might go karting with back, and stuff, and plan it off oh this is so cute they set up a little private dinner for us by the way you look like you just jumped up a full, and roster dinner literally view my eyes would we read from chlorine a little bit oh my gosh alright okay you look at children you look like you’re on a pre honeymoon. So I look like, I’m on vaycay perhaps see I feel like a sappy moment is in order.

Because I don’t know why right now I just feel really appreciative to be able to come, and experience a neglect this I don’t know I got my feeling I just want you to keep saying how how about the what do you want me to say Oh Bobby, and I didn’t wreak why now I think she wanted to say that she’s really appreciative that we’re able to do these types of things, and experience these things, and it like if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t be here, and like even if it don’t kill me don’t kill me really I just I like at the beginning level since we started this Asia trip we really like got 6,000 new people wanting to like follow us follow what we’re doing in it’s really not doing any little support lately and, I’m like mmm thank you guys thank you so much as you can see it means a lot to both of us I don’t know we just got like extra lot of support this last three months it’s been nice it is it she’s up the sun-god guys I know the post is probably really really long right now. But we all know you want to see the food. So that’s the cheesy lion you want me to say be our guest be object service to the test of your napkin your next shot we provide don’t branch out to the zoo I needed to do this. So this is currently cured tomato soup, and this here it’s ice you have to drink it through the straw this is the coolest soup I’ve ever been served okay dr. B I guess thank you so much here’s good night. So cool thank you so much thank you for delivering the popcorn you’re welcome all righty guys got our popcorn got our little cocoon for the mozzies I decided to watch mr. vain they came, and delivered the movie, and the popcorn some TV show mr.

bean as the first post if you watch mr. bean. Because like in school when it was like you had an hour unless the school attention want to teach anymore I’ve always put a mister be something like every your right is the test one I knew the test one was the first post oh you won mm-hmm I love this post anyway guys we’re going to bed yeah guys thanks so much for reading, and thanks so much for everything if you are new around here, and you’ve made it through this very long blog we’d love you to comment, and join the community you guys are awesome thanks so much for reading guys see you next time.

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