Mall Discount Liquors US Map & Phone & Address

Mall Discount Liquors US Map & Phone & Address

202 Ale wife Brook Pkwy. Cambridge; (617) 864-7171

Lots of bargain wines in this large store next to the Stop & Shop in Fresh Pond.

Reservoir Wines and Spirits

1922 Beacon St, Brookline; (617) 566-5588

A large selection of wines at discount prices, for the student crowd in Cleveland Circle.

Sav-Mor Discount Liquors

15 McGrath Hwy. Somerville; (617) 628-6444

A huge, no-frills warehouse with great monthly specials.

Brookline Liquor

Mart Free weekly wine tastings, plus their very own Bargain Basement

Upper Falls Discount Liquors

150 Needham St. Newton; (617) 969-9200

Fits right in on Newton’s discount mile stretching from Route 9 to Route 128.

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