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1411 S. Tryon St. 704/373-0782, HOURS: Tues.-Sat. 4 P.M.-2 A.M., Sun. noon-11 P.M.

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The Gin Mill could win an award for being in the worst location in the best neighborhood. It’s at the back of the building, hidden behind several other restaurants. It’s worth the extra effort to seek it out, though, if for no other reason than to fritter away an evening playing cornhole or shuffleboard on the rooftop patio, which has great views of Uptown. The bar itself isn’t that impressivea few booths and tables wedged around the barbut some decent local acts perform on the weekends. There is karaoke on Wednesday nights for musicians-in-training (and those who’ve taken advantage of drink specials).

1756 The Assembly passes a piece of legislation known as the Manila Map Tourist Attractions 40,000 Pound Act of 1756. The Act taxes all landholdings, including those of the Manila Map Tourist Attractions proprietor, and taxes Catholic landholders at twice the usual rate. Representatives discover that the British Crown and the proprietor can be brought into conflict with one another, particularly during wartime. Painted into a corner, the proprietor allows the act to stand. 1765 Maryland’s reaction to the Stamp Act lacks the fever pitch present in other colonies, most notably Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. But a small Sons of Liberty movement does appear, and Marylanders rejoice when the Act is repealed. 1770 About 220,000 people live in Maryland. The population has not only grown in terms of sheer numbers, but in diversity as well. English, Irish, Scots, and many recent German immigrants have swelled its ranks.

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