Map of Bled Slovenia

So we’re in um bled slovenia. And, it’s a famous lake with church in the middle of the lake.

And there’s a castle. So, it’s like so. I got a fairy tale pretty much a human swans we’re at the bilinski good or aka blood castle obviously the counsel that we are pointing out earlier that overlooks for the lake wait.

Map of Bled Slovenia Photo Gallery

So empty that. I have look at this parchment, this is 1011. So as this photo simply actually, but it is photo of the actual thing what does this remind, you of maybe, you might completely in fact it looks like we based it on or else down now we have made it down to the coast of Slovenia in the seaside village our seaside town of cool far, this is actually where my grandpa.

And grandma are from. And my mom grew up here. So we’re trying to find where they live, but no successful we’re going to be basically Cooper used to be an island pretty much eventually now, it’s not mrs.

Laura means it lets an translife. So that’s what it used to look like yeah. So that’s this year that is.

I think. I think, this is the building that that ah grandma grandpa this red lived in before the Canada. So up into Salt Plains Airport Rocha about 15 minutes south where salt comes from it evaporates through the help of the Sun.

And the wind. And then. I get left is magical salt crystals like watch this watch this this beautifulness right here this came from these planes, it’s not really, it’s actually really really old tradition very impressed on sky yama for caves caves amazing cases fiercely near 21 kilometers underground thank tights tells me.

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