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Hey today is a very exciting day. Because ivy, and I are right now leaving for our flight we are going to Marrakech Morocco.

So here’s Ivy looking for some last-minute stuff to pack. So we are leaving for Morocco right now, I’m so so excited hang out some logistics here about getting to the airport we’re on our way. So as I’ve mentioned before I be a chef finisher got a whole bag of amazing she has chopstick she’s ready soon as possible you don’t see wonder away like chicken which I actually see she’s ready for anything Heidi, and I are in the airport right now having tea, and coffee waiting for our flight very exciting hello. So Ivy, and I just got to Marrakech, and we just got to our riad, and it’s really beautiful in here, and we’re just trying to figure out what we’re going to do now. But, I’ll show you where we’re staying it’s really beautiful, and then it’s this huge place, and we’re the only ones here right now. Because I guess it’s kind of a offseason or something. But, I’ll show you it’s really pretty we’re trying to figure out right now what we want to do we both kind of feel very unfamiliar, and the maps on our phones don’t work here it’s very foreign it’s very different to traveling in Europe, and more of a culture you’re used to.

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So we’re trying to figure out what we want to do right now we are now in the main square in America it’s very lively here a lot going on very loud I don’t know how we’re going to find our way back it’s kind of a maze yeah go straight like left right left or right left right we’ll figure it out forget it now we’re just exploring I love it here. So far so much going on Ivy, and I are here at dinner in Marrakesh we just ordered some mint tea it looks amazing no we’ve gotten back from having dinner, and kind of wandering around the marrakech little mazes of where we’re staying we didn’t want to stay out too late. Because um they we don’t really we haven’t really gotten to feel yet for what’s safe, and what’s not. So we came back a little early. But um now we’re just sitting in our villa, and having some more mint tea thanks some more tea, and then we’ll probably go, and plan, and then you asleep, and more exciting things coming tomorrow guess, I’ll just end the day here, and I am just. So excited to be in Marrakech and, I’m really just. So happy.

Because I I wanted to come here for. So long, and everything is just. So perfect, and I don’t know I I just love everything here everything is absolutely beautiful, and perfect, and even the things that aren’t beautiful are are imperfectly beautiful I don’t know it’s a very very interesting place, and I can’t wait to explore more of it. So I will see you tomorrow, and for now good night bye.

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