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Buon Giorno.

And welcome to Rome Italy, this is our first stop it is the Roman Forum as just about me we’re actually up on the Palatine right now just overlooking the Roman Forum which used to be the social economic religious. And political center of ancient Rome pretty crazy kind of important thing Hey look the ancient toilet facilities of the Romans wait a minute that doesn’t look right. So we are starting here in the Roman Forum because well when, you buy a ticket to the Roman Forum, you buy ticket to the Colosseum, it’s all the same.

Map of Rome Italy Photo Gallery

And Palatine like one big ticket package don’t go to the Colosseum first come through the Bourbon forum. And then go through the entrance to the Colosseum see our own forum, you skip all the ridiculous lines of the Colosseum. So tip.

And advice. I want to get help, you guys if you work on your own ask my mama. I I can’t damn job there yep hi-ho hi-ho, it’s off to the Colosseum we go.

So since we forgot to get an audio guide for the Colosseum. I’m going to try. And do the soft memory.

I ready for this Abby guide Abby guy the Koala whew. So this area here. I used to be all underground there’s be like a platform that went out.

And then that platform was covered in sand and. I don’t know what the patent was made out of. I’m guessing some sort of wood because, it’s non-existent.

So it used to be all white marble seats. So nobility royalty anyone important would get all of these lower seats. And then the very very top would be the standing road.

And that would be for all of the peasants or less nobles or just common folk in fact is that there used to be a roof. And there are like pole marks where it would extend up with wood. And a canvas roof that would cover up the stadium just like a modern day Stadium that, you see today.

I think that’s about as much information as a guy. I bought this bracelet here in Rome has a Italian thing on it but I don’t know what it means.

I just randomly picked out a bracelet if you are Italian if you could translate that let’s see, you can try. And play that for me please let me know down below in the comments. I will not.

I will refrain from googling what is on this bracelet on my wrist hello. And hey guys welcome to the Vatican City today we are doing about your museums that Canon ISM. And all that stuff.

I’m actually really amazed right now there is nobody here yet because we got in for really freakishly early because we bought online tickets. So tip guys if you want to beat the ridiculous line in pretty much a lot of places, you go to for attractions check out the online ticket section huge tip, you will save yourself so much time, but different options that, you could do here the Vatican of tour types, you can do like a guided tour, but we are doing a self tour aka just us wandering through the various museums, but with our amazing in audio guide again always has the audio guide.

So he’s gonna tell us all the information right again. I know nothing yet he knows nothing yet though, but he will he will know lots of things in the Hall of the maps right now. And as, you probably see those giant maps everywhere on the wall 42 of them in total.

And between all of them they’re a big map of Italy. So this whole area here that we’re in, it’s a series of rooms that was commissioned by one of the Pope’s all of them were painted by Raphael in the 16th century. I took them a total of eight years to paint all of these alright guys.

So it is the final evening here in Rome. And the end of our European trip with Amanda. And Ian oh.

So sad. So sad as, you can see we have currently all of our stuff on the beds of our hostel which we are staying at funny Palace here in Rome that we booked through hostile world. So thank, you hostile world.

And thank, you funny palace you’ve been pretty funny. I guess let me show, you because. I haven’t shown yet.

So we’ve got look at one two three single beds, it’s like a dorm room almost like a triple dorm room. I don’t know how to describe it our washroom their ensuite walk-through yes. So thank, you guys.

So much for reading. I really hope, you enjoyed our trip. And um.

I will see, you next time bye bye guys hi yn thank, you hi today we’re doing this. I guess most well-known the biggest tourist attraction here in Barcelona. ?

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