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Snowshoeing is a form of winter hiking, an ancient way to get around on foot in deep snow, and still one of the best. Often said to look like oversized tennis rackets, snowshoes have sufficient breadth to distribute your weight over a large area and keep you on the surface of the snow. There are bindings attached which allow you to strap the snowshoes onto your boots or other footwear.

No real instruction is necessary. It takes only a few minutes to get used to snowshoes, requiring just a minor change in habits to walk properly. On snowshoes you can follow snowcovered hiking trails, other paths, or old roads. It’s also possible to traverse any terrain which isn’t overly steep and rugged, as long as there’s enough open space (free of brush or other dense vegetation) to walk in. You need at least a few inches and preferably a foot or more of snow.

Snowshoes can and should be brought on any overnight trip where you might encounter deep snow. They’re available for rental or purchase at outdoor equipment stores, and also at many crosscountry ski centers.

Take special care on any winter or cold-weather trip, as getting lost or sustaining an injury at such times would have especially serious consequences. Use restraint in setting goals, as it takes longer and requires more exertion to walk a distance in snowshoes. On an overnight trip snow-shoeing will be strenuous even when you’re on level ground, since your pack will be weighed down with warm clothing and winter gear.

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New York’s Colonial Assembly holds its final meeting. Memphis Metro Map General Thomas Gage, royal governor of Massachusetts, is ordered to arrest members of the Massachusetts Provincial Memphis Metro Map Congress on April 14. On April 19, the Country Revolution begins with the engagements at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. The famous shot heard ’round the world is fired. The Massachusetts’ Provincial Congress enacts the creation of a militia. The first referendum in U.S. history is disapproved when Massachusetts voters vote against their constitution on May 16. Ten days later, the Continental Congress declares a new name for the Country colonies, the United Colonies of Country. In June, the Continental Congress approves the creation of a Continental army of around 20,000 troops. George Washington is appointed commander in chief of the Continental army.

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