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By the age of six, an Even bay awns two or three reindeer. He rides them in rotation to round up or drive the herd af reindeer under his care.

Despite weighing only about 7 75 pounds, o reindeer con carry an adult rider far five or six hours and caver twenty-five miles without tiring. But a reindeer can be ridden only every other day, as it needs to spend a great deal of time grazing on lichen to nourish itself.

Wooden staff far balance

is made af reindeer antler

The left hand holds a single card for steering the reindeer.

Reindeer leather, fur inward

Reindeer skin, token from the animal’s back, fur outward
START AND FINISH: The village store, Hartfield. LENGTH Moscow Metro Map : 15 miles. DURATION: Allow between 6 and 7 hours, including picnic stop. CONDITIONS Moscow Metro Map : This is a long trek, with a good deal of up and down walking; the main problem, however, will be navigation. A fine clear day is essential to appreciate the beauty of the forest and to maintain your sense of direction. REFRESHMENTS: Ample refreshments at Hartfield and Forest Row (4 miles into the walk), but none elsewhere.

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