Hello everybody. And welcome to my daily quote-unquote morning routine.

I’m using quotation marks here because. I travel. I don’t actually have one, but when.

I stand hotel rooms. I kind of do. So, this is my hotel room daily morning routine the first thing.

I do when I wake up in the morning is. I grab my glass of water that.


I have sitting beside me on my up on the night table because it is. So dry hotel rooms the air conditioning or the heat, it’s it just leads to be really really dry air so. I want some water first thing in the morning the next thing I’ll do is.

I will check my phone because there’s usually a million emails or Twitter messages or Facebook messages or Instagram or vine messages or snapchats that. I need to catch up on right away so. I will spend maybe ten minutes just going through all that stuff so.

I know exactly what’s going on in the world first thing in the morning. So after. I’ve checked all my emails.

I will get up and. I will rip open the curtains because hotel rooms are really dark that’s a good thing because it helps for sleeping but I don’t like it that dark so.

I open up all the blinds. And pick it all sunny. And lovely outside so.

I can see what’s outside well right now there’s just a building, but normally there’s really cool things saying as. I head over toward the coffee machine. And make myself a lovely cup of hotel brewed coffee the finest of all hotel brewed coffees um yes.

I, this is this is the struggle is real guys this in this instance. I have Starbucks, but normally not so much.

And yes that’s correct. I do take my coffees black. So after my coffee is complete.

I head into the washroom to do a little hahaha washroom business if you know what. I mean um. And then

I head into the shower to do a little shower business get all nice. And clean for, you look at that clean Oh also clean after getting all clean. I will then pick up my outfit for the day.

And change into my outfit for the day. I also make sure. I hang up all of my towels because.

I don’t want the room service. And the maids to take them away. I actually declined maid service most the time if.

I’m only staying in a place for two or three days if, it’s more than that then I’ll usually get them to come in. And do a little tidy but I just.

I just feel like, it’s unnecessary most the time right now, it’s on to making me pretty first step is my hair. I will blow-dry it I’ll add a little bit of product once, it’s all nice. And blown dried it is dance party time oh yeah.

So while other put on Songza or I’ll put on Spotify whatever. I have putting on what country in and. I will dance to some wicked tunes well.

I put on my face my makeup become a real person there’s so much fun Oh everyday everyday no. I’m just kidding umm question if you guys are actually interested in my daily makeup routine.

And my like hair routine let me know down below in the comments and. I will possibly make a post for, you if you guys aren’t, you know what, but, it’s time to finish my coffee the last couple sips. And brush my teeth that’s right.

I did remember to brush my teeth. I just brush it after the coffee so. I don’t have coffee breath then I’ll pick out my jewelry that.

I want to wear because. I love the jewelry’s and. I will get everything that.

I need in my pack or my bag that. I’m taking out with me for the day. So usually, it’s like sunglasses wallets my mini first aid kit now, it’s because, it’s cold there’s like gloves an umbrella my phone what does it wallet um.

And of course my camera which. I’m currently filming with. So, you know, you would the camera would come with me.

I would also make sure to grab the battery for the camera that’s. I’ve been put on the charge once. I separated everything that.

I will need from day. I will then pack up or kind of semi push in a pot all the rest of my stuff um kind of in a corner in the hotel room. So if the maid is coming in or if.

I’m coming in later. I don’t have my stuff just kind of like sprawled all over the entire room I’ll also pack up all my electronics. And my valuables unplug them and.

I will hide them in a safe location and. I don’t really use saves that much in hotel rooms um instead. I find a better method is just to hide it um, you know, it’s it’s one of those things where, it’s like out of sight, you just don’t want it to be the most obvious thing, you see when someone walks right into your room.

So, you know cover it with some clothes. So it doesn’t look really obvious that. I have electronics after that am putting on my winter coat.

And. I’m unplugging all my electronics as well as shutting off all the lights to save energy guys always thinking about saving energy um. And then I’ll grab my hotel key and.

I am off. I’m out of the door. And.

I’m on to my next adventure awesome all right well thank you so much for reading this post. I really hope, you enjoyed it or, you gained some insight into a morning with Abby.

I don’t know um if you like this type of posts let me know again down below in the comments and. I will see, you guys again in a few days time with a new post bye. ?

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