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The first car always shows the name or number of the train and the terminus. The New York subway system has three lines the IRT. BMT and IND each with its own track networks. Transfers can be made between lines at certain points. Local trains use the outside tracks, express trains the centre ones. You’ll soon get used to the abbreviations, such as B’way for Broadway.

To ride the subway, you need a token (purchased at the booth in any station for 50 cents, half price on Saturday night, Sundays and holidays) which you insert in the turnstile, entitling you to ride as far as you like. Buy a handful of tokens at a time; they’re also good for buses. Subway maps, when available, can be obtained free at the booth. See also map on.

TAXIS. There are around 12,000 taxis in New York, all bright yellow. Just stand on a street corner for a minute or two and hail one driving by. When the word Taxi is illuminated, the cab is free. An Off Duty sign indicates the taxi is not available. Fares are clearly marked in black on the door: 90 cents for the first 120 seventh of a mile plus 10 cents for each additional seventh of a mile. The driver is entitled to charge extra for baggage, but most don’t bother.

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