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Despite their sedentary reputation, New Yorkers enjoy cycling, baseball.

You can always walk away from the crowds who tend to settle near the parking areas. To get there, take the Long Island Railroad from Penn Station to Freeport, and then a bus (frequent service in summer) from the station to the beach. Of course you can also go by car.

Only a subway (B. QB) ride away is Coney Island in Brooklyn, the birth-place of the hot dog. If you find the beach too crowded or noisy or dirty, wander over to the amusement park.

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This is a very good dive with lots of marine life among the deep crevices, slots and gullies, including velvet swimming crabs, edible brown crabs and lobsters. The problem is finding them under the fine dense weed which now covers most of the holes during the summer months. This fine lace-like weed is a new phenomenon which has appeared during the summer over the last ten years or so. It is gradually spreading everywhere throughout the Farne Islands. Currents are also on the strong side, especially near the southern end of the plateau, making it difficult to stay put; the effort, though, can be very rewarding. Very often the whole grey seal colony will leave the island and come over to inspect any visiting divers underwater. If seals are what you are looking for, this could be the ideal site, but sometimes they can be a real nuisance, pulling and biting your fins. Thick kelp jungle with lots of crevices and deep channels but there is not quite as much life about on this dive. You do, though, have the bonus of diving among the smashed-up remains of a wreck, or wrecks, including that of the SS Helmsdale. The Helmsdale foundered after striking the Crumstone during thick fog on 19 July 1939 while transporting a cargo of cement from Ipswich to Aberdeen.

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