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Brooklyn Heights

Why not go beyond Manhattan at least once for a visit to Brooklyn? With its 2/, million inhabitants, it has a greater population than Manhattan and indeed is the fourth largest urban centre in America. Brooklynites have a strong pride in their accent and their traditions, and they don’t cross over to Manhattan unless they really have to.

Brooklyn Heights on the East River is one of the prettiest neighbourhoods. To get there take the subway (IRT No. 2 or 3) as far as the Clark Street Station. You’ll come out in the basement of the St. George Hotel, for a time one of the grandest in New York. With its ballroom and sea-water pool, it was considered revolutionary in its day. Little now remains of its past glory.

Outside the hotel turn west along Clark Street. After 3 blocks you will come to an esplanade with one of the most impressive views in the world: at your feet are ships unloading their cargoes of sugar and coffee: in front of you is Downtown Manhattan with all its bridges; beyond that, the Bay of New York and the Statue of Liberty. In the late afternoon when the sun is setting the sight will take your breath away.

At the end of the esplanade turn left into Hicks Street, a shady street in a quarter that has barely changed since 1860. The brownstones, little red-76 brick houses, have come back into fashion and prices here are sky-rocketing. When you reach Atlantic Avenue, one of the longest streets in Brooklyn, it’s like stepping into another world, a world of Arab restaurants and grocers’ stores. Here you can eat very good Egyptian and Lebanese food at prices well below those in Manhattan. On Sundays Atlantic . Avenue really bustles with Americans of Middle-Eastern descent who come to do their shopping.

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