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Packing a Backpack

Assuming the pack has at least two good-size compartments, use one for clothing and the second for other important items of gear. If there’s a single large compartment, consider putting either clothing or nonclothing items in a stuff sack to keep them separate from everything else.

It’s highly recommended that all food be kept in its own bag or stuff sack. This will help you to avoid getting any food mixed up with other gear or into your clothing, and to avert disaster should your honey, peanut butter, or any other messy food somehow manage to leak out of its container.

If the pack has an external frame, your sleeping bag and tent will probably be attached to the frame below as well as above the packbag. With an internal frame pack, one or both of these items are usually carried inside, and some items may be attached to the packbag outside.

With time and a little experimentation you’ll develop a system to organize your gear and clothing in a way that works for youand avoid the potential difficulty and frustration that goes with being unable to locate items when you need them.

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